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Southern California Shaken by Daring Multi-Million Dollar Cash Heist

One of the biggest cash heists in Southern California, thieves took tens of millions of dollars from a money storage facility.

Easter Sunday was the day of the robbery at a GardaWorld facility, it happened in Sylmar, in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, on the 15000 block of Roxford Street.

Los Angeles Police Department Facility Burglarized

According to Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Elaine Morales, who spoke to the Los Angeles Times, burglars broke into the building and the safe that houses the facility’s money.

Although the Times said that up to $30 million had been taken, many law enforcement sources with knowledge of the situation informed NBC News that they are still attempting to determine the precise amount that was taken.

A call for comment from Morales was not answered on Thursday, and an LAPD spokesman declined to corroborate information reported in the Times.

In accordance to an LAPD official, the FBI and the LAPD are working together on the inquiry. Comments from the FBI and GardaWorld could not be obtained right away.

On their website, GardaWorld claims to be a “long-standing security partner of choice to some of the most prominent brands, Fortune 500 corporations, and governments.” Its goal is to safeguard the activities and assets of its clients.

On its website, the corporation states that it has 425 branch offices spread around 45 countries. NBC Los Angeles was informed by a GardaWorld employee that “the place is pretty secure.”

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Southern California’s Biggest Crimes

One of the biggest cash heists in Southern California, thieves took tens of millions of dollars from a money storage facility.

The multimillion-dollar theft of diamonds and gemstones from a Brink’s tractor-trailer while the driver was asleep is believed to be the second-greatest crime in Southern California.

 A second driver left the car to acquire food inside a rest stop for over thirty minutes. While some claim the robbers stole 22 suitcases valued less than $10 million, others estimate that the total value was closer to $100 million. There have been no takedowns.

$18.9 million was taken from the former Mateo Street location of the Dunbar Armored plant in Los Angeles on September 12, 1997. Eventually, the robbers were apprehended, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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