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Julian Edelman, the Buffalo Bills, and other athletes make April Fool’s jokes on Twitter

Every year on April Fool’s Day, it’s best to be on your watch, wary of any pranks that may be thrown your way. Twitter and social media in general, particularly in the sports world, fall under this category. Julian Edelman, the Buffalo Bills, David Njoku, and others are among the most recent examples.

On April Fool’s Day, David Njoku wants a trade

The Cleveland Browns put the franchise tag on David Njoku at the start of the offseason, suggesting that they not only want to retain him around, but also value him highly. He hasn’t signed the tag yet, which opens the door to other possibilities, such as a trade or an extension. However, after releasing Austin Hooper, the Browns are expected to find a way to keep their former first-round pick.

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This is why Njoku’s announcement on social media this morning that he wants to move out of Cleveland was so unexpected.

One would imagine that there would be a follow-up tweet, some sort of explanation, and there was, but it wasn’t what we expected, nor what Ian Rapoport expected. It was all in good humour.

Rapoport provided an actual update on Njoku’s contract status, and the news is considerably better for Browns supporters trying to keep their tight end.

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Julian Edelman announces his return 

Anyone who has ever caught a Tom Brady pass will be joining him in Tampa Bay, or so the joke goes. Rob Gronkowski was first, then Antonio Brown, and now Julian Edelman? He’s joked about it on multiple occasions, and while he might enjoy one final run like Eric Weddle did with the Rams in the playoffs a year ago, it’s not happening right now. But that didn’t stop Julian Edelman from having a good time on Friday.

The essential piece of information in Edelman’s tweet is in the bottom right corner.

The Buffalo Bills have unveiled their spiciest uniforms yet

The Buffalo Bills were one of the hottest teams this offseason, and if they implement these ideas, they might be able to stay hot throughout the season as well. Take note of the drip.

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But what about those socks? It’s possible that this is the best portion. Also, instead of Buffalo wings, a black jersey with true Bills colours would be fantastic.

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