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Suspect Gunman Responsible for the Shootings That Left 6 People Dead and 12 More Injured in Sacramento

Police said Dandrea Martin, 26, was arrested on counts of assault and illegal possession of a handgun.

Flowers, candles, and plush animals line the downtown streets of the city where six people were killed early Sunday morning in a mass shooting that injured another 12 people, only two blocks from the beautiful state Capitol park.

Friends and relatives came to memorialize their loved ones just hours after authorities announced an arrest in the horrific shooting at a jewelry business that had been shuttered. Patricia Powell sobbed bitterly as she said, “This is not okay.”Sacramento Shooting

In the neighboring London nightclub where he was shot and died, her brother DeVazia Turner, 29, was out with friends and his cousin Sergio Harris. Also killed was Harris, a 38-year-old. Powell sobbed, “I’m not going to see him anymore,” he said.

Frank Turner, Turner’s father, shook his head in disbelief as the family tried to comfort Powell. “Bubbly” was the word that he used to describe his son, who he described as a “devoted” father of four with an infectious personality.

At the scene of his son’s murder, Turner remarked, “His whole existence revolved around his kids.” “He was a devoted husband and father,” he said. Having children was all he cared about.

Turner’s children, ranging in age from 10 to 3, are staying with Frank Turner, who says they are too young to comprehend the magnitude of the tragedy. For their father, they’re wailing loudly. Frank Turner remarked, “They’re yelling for their papa.”

Turner said that “he was a very lively person. “You couldn’t help but laugh at his antics. In your words: “You really enjoyed being around him.” In the early hours of Monday, 26-year-old Dandrae Martin was taken into custody by Sacramento police on suspicion of assault and illegal possession of a handgun.sacramento killing

Authorities executed search warrants at three locations as part of their investigation and found at least one pistol, according to police. Minor to critical injuries dots the bodies of those who have made it out alive.

Shortly after the clock struck midnight, a shooting broke out in the heart of the city. Multiple gunmen opened fire after a violent fight, according to investigators.

At least three buildings and three vehicles were hit by gunfire during the initial investigation, according to authorities. More than 100 bullet casings were found by investigators.


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The community evidence portal has received more than 100 video and photo submissions. According to the police, the District Attorney’s Office for Sacramento County will examine all evidence before making any changes.

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