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Arrest of Second Suspect in Sacramento Mass Shooting, An Automatic Weapon Was Found!

The second suspect in the Sacramento mass shooting has been arrested. An automatic weapon was found at the scene.

This week’s mass shooting has left Sacramento in mourning, and police say they have arrested a second suspect. Flowers and candles were left on downtown streets on Monday night. Six people were killed, and 12 were hurt.

Early on Tuesday, police said they had arrested the brother of the first person they arrested on Monday. Smiley Martin, 27, is the brother of Dandrae Martin, who was killed in a mass shooting outside two crowded nightclubs early Sunday. He was one of many people who were seriously hurt. He is being held by police in a nearby hospital.sacramento shooting

“Possession of a firearm by a person who is prohibited and possession of a machine gun”: Smiley Martin will be booked into Sacramento County Main Jail as soon as his medical care is done, police say. He will be charged with these crimes. In the beginning, the police said that they were interested in him.

On Friday, police arrested Dandrae Martin, 26, for assault with a firearm and for being a felon in possession of a gun, but they didn’t charge him at the time. Police say detectives and SWAT teams have carried out search warrants at three homes, but they won’t say what they found.

At least a hundred shell casings have been found in a mass shooting near the state Capitol, police say. They were found on the street and in buildings.

Police said Tuesday that a stolen gun found at the scene had been turned into a fully automatic weapon. It sounds like both semiautomatic and automatic guns were fired as people ran from the shots on social media.

On Saturday, Smiley Martin posted on social media a picture of the gun he had stolen that turned out to be a fully automatic weapon, law enforcement sources say. Investigators have seen the picture. That post has since been taken down.

It’s not clear if authorities are still looking for more suspects.

On Monday, residents and workers near the crime looked shocked and grief-stricken as they walked over shards of broken glass and passed boarded-up windows. Family members of the victims, whose names were released by the Sacramento County coroner on Monday, struggled with their grief as they tried to come to terms with their loss.Sacramento Shooting

There were two women, Johntaya Alexander and Yamile Martinez-Andrade, both 21 years old, who were killed in the attack. They were all in their late 50s or early 60s. The oldest, Melinda Davis, had a lot of friends on K Street, where she often slept. People who knew her said that she was “very friendly” and that she liked to meet people at the bars when they were closing time.


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People said that Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32, Devazia Turner, 29, and Sergio Harris all had a lot of love for each other and that they were all good fathers. Sacramento city leaders and elected officials gathered in a downtown plaza Monday night for a candlelight vigil to remember the people who died in a car accident.

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