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Gas Stimulus Check: What Is the $400 Rebate Suggested by California Governor Gavin Newsom?

California has the highest gas prices, and Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a plan to cut energy and transportation costs.

Last week, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in California shattered prior records, reaching $5.80. Consumers paid $3.76 this time last year. Thus the price has increased by more than two dollars.

Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a legislative package in response to these increases to bring direct relief to households across the Golden State.

What is included in the bill?

Governor Newsom described the package as “also focused on protecting people from volatile gas prices and advancing clean transportation – providing three months of free public transportation, fast-tracking electric vehicle incentives and charging stations, and new local biking and walking funding. Projects.”

 Gas rebate of $400

The majority of the $11 billion assistance package, roughly $9 billion, would be used to provide a $400 direct payment to each household that has a vehicle.

Residents should be informed that there is a two-vehicle limit, and the bill limits the number of times this benefit can be claimed to two. California drivers pay roughly $300 in state excise taxes for gas and diesel each year, and the direct payment is intended to help offset this expense.

Gas Stimulus Check What Is the $400 Rebate Suggested by California Governor Gavin Newsom (1)
Gas Stimulus Check: What Is the $400 Rebate Suggested by California Governor Gavin Newsom?

“To halt the inflationary adjustment to gas and diesel excise tax rates,” the law says. These rates are proportional to the cost. If the rate remains at 5% and prices rise, customers will face higher charges, which the state attempts to avoid.

If the legislature passes the bill, the rebates might be sent as early as July.

What types of people are eligible for the gas rebate?

Newsom’s proposal would send the rebate to everyone who has a vehicle registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, avoiding the exclusion of “seniors who receive Social Security Disability income and low-income non-tax filers.”

According to a news release issued by the governor’s office, “the Governor’s proposal does not contain an income cap to cover all Californians facing increased prices owing to oil.”

lowering the cost of public transportation

The law also provides “$750 million in incentive funds to transit and rail organizations to provide free transit for Californians for three months” to increase the utilization of public transportation networks.

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Thousands of people use public transportation in California every day, and Gov. Newsom thinks that by making it accessible, riders would continue to use the bus, train, or light rail.

Investing in the infrastructure for electric vehicles

The proposal also includes funds for constructing more electric vehicle charging stations, which is a step forward. This section of the bill intends to persuade Californians to consider buying an electric car the next time they need a new car.

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Around 87 percent of autos in the state currently run on gasoline. However, by 2020, there will be over 635,000 electric vehicles on the road, with the Tesla Model 3 being the most popular model.

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