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Checks for Stimulus in 2022: The Deadline to Apply for $1,000 Monthly Payments Is Next Week

As we’ve pointed out on multiple occasions, the federal government has exited chiefly the stimulus check game. While the federal government distributed tens of billions of dollars worth last year, states and communities are now stepping up to provide their own versions this year. Straight-up stimulation checks are occasionally used to accomplish this. They can, however, take the form of regular income payments. Given the current high gas prices, there may even be gas rebates.

Regardless, who you are and where you reside today play a significant role in those checks. Of course, this is in contrast to the government stimulus checks, which were relatively broad-based. And some of these new ones have necessary front-end actions that must be completed.

A simple application for the Los Angeles-based guaranteed income “Breathe” initiative, which will pay participants $1,000 per month for three years, is one example. However, you must apply by Wednesday, April 13th.

Guaranteed income plans, such as LA’s, differ from stimulus cheques in that they essentially provide longer-term versions of the latter.

In 2020, providing Americans with a basic or “guaranteed” income became much more widespread. In particular, when presidential candidate Andrew Yang proposed a basic income as a possible federal policy. His strategy aimed to address the economic consequences of the Covid epidemic at the time. It also proposed granting Americans over 18 $1,000 per month.

Since then, several cities have experimented with their own variations. For example, Newark, New Jersey, recently expanded its basic income program to 400 residents. Over two years, each member will receive a total of $12,000. The participants are low-income and must demonstrate some sort of suffering due to the Covid epidemic.

An experiment in Los Angeles

In terms of what Los Angeles is about to embark on? Families in the Los Angeles area who enroll will receive up to $1,000 per month. There are no restrictions on how they can spend the money. South LA Councilman Curren Price told Fox 11, Los Angeles, “It’s going to be a lifeline, and it’s an opportunity to get beyond poverty, we hope.” “It’ll be a massive experiment, the largest in our country to date.”

According to the organization’s website, “Los Angeles County is introducing the pilot program Breath to provide its inhabitants the ability to ‘breathe’ better knowing they are more financially secure.” “Breath is a three-year guaranteed income pilot project that will offer $1,000 per month to 1,000 qualified residents.”

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“While the benefits of guaranteed income programs have been documented, this will be an independent research project to study the effects of this type of program so that the County and other jurisdictions can learn about the project’s impact on participants’ economic stability as well as their overall health and well-being.”

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