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What Does Jennifer Garner Feels About Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Rekindled Relationship?

The engagement of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck became official on Friday night when the ‘Marry Me’ actress acknowledged that he proposed. Lopez was given a green diamond engagement ring by the Justice League actor, cementing the couple’s restored romance.

This will be Affleck’s second marriage, following his marriage to Jennifer Garner, when the couple walks down the aisle. Garner has remained mum about her ex-high-profile boyfriend’s affair, but a few insiders close to her have spoken out to express her emotions on the subject.


While no new thoughts have emerged since Friday’s bombshell, Entertainment Tonight published a report in mid-February about the couple discussing the possibility of getting married. According to a source at the outlet, “[Jennifer] has a fantastic relationship with herself and Ben.

She is overjoyed with him. She is relieved that Ben is in good health and believes he is an excellent father.” This view echoes what has been said about Garner and Affleck since the Batman actor rekindled his relationship with Lopez.

According to ET, in May 2021, “Jen is unconcerned with Ben’s socializing with J.Lo or anyone else. She only wants the best for Ben. What matters most to her is Ben’s ability to be a wonderful father. Jen’s major goal is her children’s happiness, and they’ve been in a nice rhythm when it comes to co-parenting for a while.”

When it comes to the reunited “Bennifer,” E! News said that the Alias actor “doesn’t want to be a part of the circus or media attention in any manner.”


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“She’s trying to live her life and raise her children, and the last thing she wants to deal with is Ben’s love life,” an E! source stated. “She is always concerned about the happiness of the children and Ben’s ability to be a decent father.”

Garner has yet to make a public remark about the engagement, and she is unlikely to do so anytime soon. Lopez confirmed the news via her On the JLo newsletter, while Affleck has remained silent on the subject.

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