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Detroit Lions Mock Draft: Taking the Best Player Available in the 7 Round

In a new seven-round mock draft, the Detroit Lions go with the best player available (with some context).

The Detroit Lions have a lot of alternatives with a lot of needs and nine picks in the 2022 draft, and not many of them will be considered wrong right now. Fortunately, all of the conjecture regarding who the Lions will select second overall will be over in less than three weeks.

Even though several other teams have made moves to add a second first-round pick, Detroit is in an excellent position. They have two first-round picks, three first-round picks in the top 34, and five first-round choices in the top 100. As a result, there will be an inflow of youthful talent, and making the right decisions will be crucial.

I used the Pro Football Focus simulator in this mock and chose the “best player available” based on the site’s rankings. However, I did not want to repeat places with the Lions’ first few picks.

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If the club is well-positioned at a position, I dropped down the board a bit to find a better fit with later picks. So I guess “best player available” was used a little loosely, lest I end up with two quarterbacks, two punters, etc. However, I believe the rationale for looking further down the board is sound.

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