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“Rock Star” Wedding Motif for the Wedding of Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera!

The Kempa Villa in Palm Desert, California, played host to the wedding of singer Ryan Cabrera and WWE star Alexa Bliss on Saturday. At the end of Sunday, Bliss congratulated Ryan Cabrera and said on Instagram that she “felt like an absolute princess.”

In an interview with People, the newlyweds revealed details of their “very unusual” wedding ceremony. Cabrera, 39, remarked, “It’s really us.” This is supposed to bring out our unique personalities, and that’s exactly what it’s doing.

Alexa BlissA “Welcome to the S—show” banner greeted their 360 guests as they walked down a hot pink carpet to join the event. To “truly set the stage” for their raucous party, the couple stated that instead of conventional flower girls, guests threw shots at each other before their seats were taken.

The dress code was, of course, also outlandish. Visitors were instructed by Cabrera and Bliss to think like Harry Styles: “What would Harry Styles do? ” Both Cabrera and Bliss were dressed to impress with Sir Dudley’s pink suits and matching nail paint, respectively, for the event.

As a homage to Cabrera’s 2004 hit tune, #OnTheWayDownTheAisle, the couple’s wedding hashtag was #OnTheWayDownTheAisle. Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick reunited for a performance of “Bye Bye Bye” from the band’s sophomore album, 2000.

We had *NSYNC play at our wedding, yep! When she saw the video, Bliss couldn’t help but share it on Instagram with an accompanying Instagram Story video of the males singing together.

Alexa Bliss

“Girl All the Bad Guys Want” by Bowling for Soup and “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard were also performed at the festival.

While the couple’s first dance as husband and wife was to James Arthur’s “Falling Like the Stars,” Cabrera and Bliss’ wedding reception featured CD centerpieces and vinyl record place settings instead of assigned seating.

Cabrera explains, “We wanted to infuse that theme into things since we love music.”. With no fixed seating arrangement, folks can roam about and discover their favorite vinyl, like: “Oh my God! O-Town!”” ‘Oh no, I’ve arrived at O-Town!’

Rumors of a relationship between Bliss and Cabrera originally brought them together, she said. After a year of courting and finally meeting in person, the couple announced their engagement in November 2020.


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In the past, Audrina Patridge was the lover of Cabrera. Previously, they were a couple in 2010, when they first split up for the second time. In 2004, he had a relationship with Ashlee Simpson.

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