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Klay Thompson Is Back, and He Could Give the Warriors Some Breathing Room as They Wait for Curry!

The Golden State Warriors, according to Klay Thompson, are more than capable of mounting a powerful postseason return. The Warriors’ expectations for the past two seasons were not met.

The Dubs failed to make the playoffs in the 2019-20 season, which was followed by a heartbreaking play-in loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Dubs’ underachievement was mostly due to the team’s injury problems.Klay thompson

With Draymond Green and Klay Thompson in high form and Stephen Curry on the verge of returning, “Dub Nation” could be in for a treat. When all of the Warriors’ main players are in top form, Thompson has no reservations about what they can do.

In fact, he has already warned rival teams that the Celtics will be a “frightening sight” in the playoffs once they are “healthy.” “It’s a clean slate now,” Thompson said Sunday on TNT’s “Inside The NBA.” “It’ll be a dangerous sight for the rest of the NBA, especially if we go into the playoffs entirely.”

I’m just looking forward to getting home and resting while scouting these folks. It’s clear that it’s not just Jokic. They’re a well-balanced team, but he’s clearly a problem.” The Warriors’ “Big Three” had been ineffective during the regular season, averaging only 11 minutes on the court together.

Curry’s availability for Game 1 of the Warriors’ Western Conference first-round series against the Denver Nuggets on April 16 is still unknown. Thompson, on the other hand, is convinced that as long as the Warriors have Thompson, Curry, and Green, they will be able to achieve new heights.

Thompson emphasized, “He’s one of the finest point guards to ever play the position.” “Without him, our aspirations for where we want to go aren’t the same.” He’s the one who propels us forward. Draymond is the same way; he’s our heart and soul. “Those two boys must be in perfect health.”


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“Just to share the stage with those two again means so lot to myself, but also to the organization, to the heights we’ve been able to achieve,” he concluded. “We intend to contact them again, but it will require a lot of determination and fighting.”

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