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Russell Westbrook Hits Out at Lebron James and Anthony Davis!

The Los Angeles Lakers’ 2021-22 NBA season was one of the most disappointing in team history. Los Angeles was considered one of the favorites to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy, but things went so wrong that they didn’t even qualify for the NBA Play-In Tournament, which takes place this week.

Russell Westbrook’s play was one of the factors contributing to the team’s troubles. Getting Westbrook from the Washington Wizards was a significant risk, and many people feared it wouldn’t work out when it was revealed. Those who predicted disaster were proven correct since the outcomes were devastating.Russell Westbrook

With LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Westbrook’s skill set always seemed out of place. In that trio, his flaws, including shooting and defense, were highlighted, since James and Davis required as much space as possible to succeed.

Westbrook had a lot to say after his exit interview with the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday. LeBron James and Anthony Davis were mentioned, with Westbrook taking digs at them while speaking with reporters.

When pressed for more information, Russell Westbrook explained that the problem stemmed from the pieces’ inability to compliment one another.

Westbrook explained, “It’s a combination of where we are on the floor, positioning, fit and challenge, trial and error, and being able to play on the floor with one other.” “We’re trying to figure out how to make the most of our ability.” That’s all there is to it.”

The players on the court are limited in their abilities. Much of what Westbrook addressed, such as positioning and utilizing players to their full potential, boils down to coaching. The ability to play on the same court with each other, on the other hand, is most likely a jab at James and Davis.

Russell Westbrook only missed one game throughout the regular season before being held out of the team’s last two games after they were eliminated from the playoffs. LeBron James and Anthony Davis, on the other hand, were out for the majority of the season.

When on the floor, James put up some impressive numbers, but he only appeared in 56 games. For the second year in a row, Davis did not play in half of the games, appearing in only 40.


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The Los Angeles Lakers’ failure to stay on the floor and build some camaraderie and cohesion surely contributed to their lack of success this season. In the end, however, this was a skill-set mismatch, which resulted in some dreadful performances and a franchise that appears to be adrift.

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