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The NBA Has Announced the Full Schedule for the Celtics-nets Playoff Series

The Boston Celtics have learned who they will face in the first round of the NBA Playoffs in 2022. The Celtics’ hopes were dashed Tuesday night as the Brooklyn Nets defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 115-108, securing the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference.

And now they know when they’ll be playing, as the NBA has released the full schedule for the Celtics’ and Nets’ second consecutive first-round matchup.

The complete program is as follows:

Game 1 will take place at TD Garden on Sunday, April 17th (3:30 p.m., ABC)

The rivalry will kick off with an Easter Sunday clash at TD Garden.

The game will be broadcast on ABC at 3:30 p.m., marking the first time the Celtics have started the postseason at TD Garden since their first-round series with the Pacers in 2019. Although it was not an Easter Sunday matchup, it was also a Sunday afternoon matchup at TD Garden.

Game 2 will be held at TD Garden on Wednesday, April 20. (7 p.m., TNT)

With the Celtics and Nets preparing to begin their series after a full two-day break between Games 1 and 2, 4-20 will undoubtedly feature some green in Boston. According to the NBA, this game will begin at 7 p.m. on TNT.

Since 2018, the Celtics have gone 6-3 in Game 2s, including 4-0 in their previous four at TD Garden.

Game 3 will be held at Barclays Center on Saturday, April 23. (TBD, ESPN)

The Celtics and Nets will meet for Game 3 on Saturday at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, following yet another full two-day layoff between games. ESPN will broadcast the game, which does not yet have a start time.

Game 4 will take place at Barclays Center on Monday, April 25. (TBD, TBD)

The commencement of an every-other-day series between the two teams will begin with Game 4.

Game 5 will be held at TD Garden on Wednesday, April 27. (TBD, TBD)

Last year, the Nets defeated the Celtics in five games. If required, the Celtics will have home court advantage in Game 5 this time around. In their last seven Game 5 matchups, the Celtics have won five of them. In both of those Game 5 losses, they’ve been eliminated (2019 against Milwaukee and 2021 against Brooklyn).

Game 6 will be held at Barclays Center on Friday, April 29. (TBD, TBD)

In 2021-22, the Celtics were 8-8 on Fridays, which is a strange and possibly useless statistic. During the 2021-22 season, it was matched with a 10-10 record on Wednesdays for their worst winning % of any day of the week. The Nets, on the other hand, won 10 of their 12 Friday night games. In terms of records, that was their best day of the week.

Game 7 will be held at TD Garden on Sunday, May 1st (TBD, TBD)

Since the Eastern Conference Finals in 2018, the Celtics haven’t played a Game 7 at the Garden.

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