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Amid the Cheating Scandal, Khloe Kardashian Incites Social Media Outrage With a Claim About Retaliating Against Tristan Thompson

Khloé Kardashian’s insistence on having Tristan Thompson as part of her inner circle perplexed Kardashian followers. Even though the two have a 4-year-old daughter, True, many can’t imagine them being anything more than friendly co-parents with a man who has publicly insulted her since their relationship began.

Despite the breakups, Kardashian maintains a tight relationship with Thompson and has stated that she considers him her her closest friend. Thompson has cheated and been caught at least four times in public. In the most recent episode, Kardashian discussed how she felt when she found out Thompson had cheated on her the first time when she was nine months pregnant.

“It’s always such a weird, murky area because we are such great friends,” Kardashian stated to Thompson when addressing their strong friendship. “I think that’s really perplexing to outsiders.” Because if I choose to, I can be a monster to you.” “If I wasn’t pregnant, I would have screwed you up,” she confessed, adding, “I would have spilled water on all your things when I was nine months pregnant.” I really didn’t want to break my nails just before the baby was born.” On the other hand, fans believe the reaction was not harsh enough.

Is that all there is to it?

And he cheated again after that. Kardashian appears to be the true monster Thompson was searching for.

Khloe doesn’t appear to be bothered.

Another Instagram user commented, “She likes it over there.” Despite the infidelity, Kardashian appears to be pleased with her relationship with Thompson, according to the statement.

Calabasas is the only place where this happens.

 Kardashian might want to travel outside of Calabasas to see how other women react when their husbands cheat. Water can’t be enough of a penalty for the offense.

We’re happy if she’s happy.

Another Instagram user said in the post’s comment area, “At this point, if she doesn’t care, why should we?” After the moment in issue, Kardashian brought him back at least three times for cheating.

She must adequately exhale.

 One social media user was not anticipating such a strong reaction. Many believe Kardashian has never seen the classic Waiting to Exhale moment from the 1995 thriller.

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