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Facebook Informs a Maryland Couple of Their $1 Million Lottery Win

Paul and Teresa Hartsoe of Conowingo, Maryland, discovered their $1 million jackpot on Facebook after purchasing a Mega Millions lottery ticket.

Last Tuesday, Paul Hartsoe, a commercial construction worker who enjoys playing Mega Millions and Powerball every week, bought his winning ticket.

The pair skipped the Mega Millions drawing, and Paul Hartsoe returned to work the next day.

Teresa Hartsoe was at home when she received a Facebook alert from the Maryland Lottery about a $1 million Mega Millions ticket purchased at the same Royal Farms store where her husband had gone. At work, she dialed Paul Hartsoe’s number.

Teresa Hartsoe told lottery authorities, “He informed me the tickets were at home, so I fetched them from the dresser and started reading off the winning numbers.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We double-checked the data over and over again “According to Paul Hartsoe.

Paul Hartsoe stated that he plans to retire in a few years and that he will set aside a portion of his profits for that purpose. Teresa Hartsoe wants to improve her car, and the two of them want to improve their farmhouse.

“We are a straightforward bunch. I simply want to honor this blessing “Paul Hartsoe went on to say.

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