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With His 2,999th Hit, Miggy Is on the Verge of Reaching a Major Milestone!

With his 2,999th hit, Miggy is on the verge of reaching a major milestone.

As soon as Tucker Barnhart threw out DJ LeMahieu at second base to conclude the top of the eighth inning, the crowd at Comerica Park began yelling.

“Miggy! Miggy! Miggy!”

The Tigers stated that 17,268 tickets were distributed for their 5-3 loss to the Yankees on Wednesday.

However, there appeared to be more than that many spectators in the ballpark as Miguel Cabrera smiled and came to the plate leading off the bottom of the eighth inning.

The first rows of the outfield seats, including those in justify field beneath the sign commemorating Cabrera’s 2,999 career hits, were full.


Cabrera’s first career hit, as well as hits 1,000 and 2,000, were all home runs. So it was only natural to prepare for another.

Cabrera’s three prior singles put those who endured the cold into the unexpected position of experiencing history while others had to watch the broadcast in suspense, and they relished it.

It brought back memories for many Tigers of the atmosphere at the ballpark last August, when Cabrera hit 499 home runs during a week-long August homestand.

“It’s a cool atmosphere in the last at-bat, when he’s right on the line, 2,999,” Tigers manager A.J. Hinch said.

Even the Yankees, who were aiming to secure a series win with a two-run advantage, were admiring it.

“It was a really strange atmosphere in the ballpark going up to his last at-bat,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said, “like this scream leading up to it, but then this sort of hush like on every pitch was kind of fairly cool.”


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“Actually, when I walked in, Aaron Hicks said something to me. ‘I’ve never seen a crowd grow like that and then go silent for it,’ he says. It was nearly unsettling.”

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