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The IRS Wants Taxpayers to Take Action Against Unpaid Stimulus Checks

The American Rescue Plan Act was enacted approximately a year ago to provide stimulus checks to individuals and families suffering from covid. However, not everyone has yet received it. The IRS is adamant about taking swift action against those who have not yet collected all of their dues.

The IRS Is Taking Steps To Distribute All Unpaid Stimulus Check Payments

The IRS spoke to the media in April 2022 about the outstanding stimulus check funds. The IRS encourages taxpayers to apply for the Child Tax Credit. This increased Child Tax Credit is a type of stimulus payment. For children under six, the existing child tax credit was doubled from $2000 to $3600, and for older children, from $3000 to $3000. Under the former standards, $1400 of the credit value was refundable, but the entire credit was refundable under the American Rescue Plan Act.

Everyone has not yet received their money, and some parents who received monthly stimulus check payments in 2021 are still waiting for half of the remaining amounts from the increased credit.

Even though the time to claim stimulus check money has passed, the IRS has stated that it is still not too late to file tax returns and claim stimulus check money.

Families who have paid their taxes to the IRS can still file their 2021 tax return and claim the Child Tax Credit for the year 2021 until April 15, 2025, according to an IRS press release.

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Even if there is still a lot of time, folks should not wait to cash these cheques. People who have yet to file their tax returns for 2021 must utilize digital tools to fill up and submit the forms so that the IRS can review them and notify them via their websites.

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