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Celtics Fans Were Worried That This Nba Player Would Sign With Them in the Offseason!

At One Point, Celtics Fans Were Concerned That This NBA Player Would Sign With Them In The Offseason.

A new season, even if the Boston Celtics are still in the playoffs, is quickly approaching.

Moreover, with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown as the core of their squad, the more desirable the Celtics will be as a destination for free agents who want to play for an NBA championship contender.

According to’s NBA journalist Sean Deveney, an upcoming free agent named Carmelo Anthony could have Boston on his radar.

If the Celtics are interested in acquiring former Los Angeles Lakers star Carmelo Anthony, Deveney said it would be a “darkhorse” move for the former 10-time All-Star.

“If they make a run here and get to the conference finals or the Finals, he?s a solid option as a seasoned shooter who can fill a minor role,” a West executive told Deveney.

Celtics Fans Were Worried That This Nba Player Would Sign With Them in the Offseason!

You’d be welcomed by Tatum or Brown as a veteran like that if you were. The team has a number of promising young shooters who are currently sitting on the bench. However, he’d serve as a safety net.

The Celtics were also interested in acquiring Anthony back in 2019, according to Deveney, anticipating that his presence as a veteran presence would help a fairly young team at the time.

Deveney, on the other hand, claims that Danny Ainge, the former president of basketball operations, was opposed to Anthony being hired.

In light of the fact that Ainge is no longer with the franchise, will new team president Brad Stevens decide to sign Anthony?

The Celtics’ 14 current players are all under contract through at least 2023, so bringing in Anthony would necessitate some roster reshuffling.

Although he is 37 years old, Anthony, who recently finished his 19th NBA season, could help the Celtics in a certain area.

For Tatum and Brown, Anthony’s 37.5 percent 3-point shooting this season would allow them to spread the floor.


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Ime Udoka’s first season at the helm of the team has seen Anthony’s offensive prowess outshine his defensive shortcomings, and it doesn’t bode well for the team’s new identity.

It’s fun to imagine Anthony in the green and white, good or bad, no matter where he ends up.

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