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On April 28 – Delaware Will Begin Issuing Monthly Emergency Benefits

As part of the state’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Delaware Division of Social Services will award emergency assistance to eligible households in April.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and two cash assistance programs – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and General Assistance – will be used to distribute benefits (GA). On Thursday, April 28, the SNAP emergency food benefit will be available on claimants’ Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. On or after Thursday, April 28, eligible TANF and GA households will receive an emergency cash assistance check.

All SNAP-eligible households will receive at least $95 in emergency food benefits, which will be distributed as follows:

  1. SNAP households will get $95 in emergency food benefits if they receive the maximum food benefit amount for their household size or a prorated initial payout.
  2. The emergency food benefit for SNAP households with an estimated emergency food benefit of less than $95 will be enhanced to $95.
  3. SNAP households having a calculated emergency benefit of $95 or more will continue to receive the computed emergency benefit amount to boost their monthly gift to the maximum benefit level for their household size.

The TANF and GA emergency assistance will enhance a household’s monthly benefit for each program up to the maximum benefit level for their household size. The April emergency cash grants are unavailable to families who already receive the maximum TANF or GA benefit level or receive a prorated benefit in April.

Since March 2020, the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) has distributed emergency payments to qualified households every month.

“As our state recovers from the epidemic, we recognize that the recovery has not been the same for every Delaware family,” DHSS Secretary Molly Magarik said. “These emergency benefits are crucial for families who have recently lost time at work due to positive COVID-19 or flu instances, both of which are on the rise in our state.” Nonetheless, we recognize that the need for this emergency assistance will diminish when the economy improves, and we are preparing Delawareans for this possibility. Meanwhile, we thank the federal government and Delaware’s congressional delegation for continuing to provide these vital and essential benefits this month.”

The monthly emergency benefit is calculated following: The current maximum benefit amount for the household size minus the current monthly benefit amount equals a household’s monthly emergency benefit. According to recent USDA SNAP benefit restrictions, a single-person family receiving $100 in average monthly benefits will receive $150 in emergency benefits ($250 maximum benefit minus $100 monthly use).

The following are the current maximum monthly benefit amounts for SNAP, TANF, and General Assistance per household size:

SNAP Benefits in an Emergency

Number in SNAP Household   Maximum Benefit Amount
A new quantity increased effective 10/2021  
1 $250
2 $459
3 $658
4 $835
5 $992
6 $1,190
7 $1,316
8 $1,504
Each additional person $188

In April, an estimated 57,093 Delaware households would receive emergency SNAP benefits, totaling nearly $11.2 million in food assistance for the month.

Emergency Cash Benefits

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Number in TANF Household  Maximum Benefit Amount  
1 $201
2 $270
3 $338
4 $407
5 $475
6 $544
7 $612
8 $681
9 $750
10 $819


General Assistance (GA)

Number of GA Household Maximum Benefit Amount  
1 $79
2 $107
3 $144
4 $169
5 $209
6 $239

Approximately 180 households will be eligible for emergency financial assistance payments in April, totaling approximately $26,900 in emergency benefits.

Households will get their regular benefits for April on the regular issuing dates and the emergency benefits.


Visit the division’s website for more information about DSS’s benefit programs in response to the epidemic. Go to DHSS’s online application portal Delaware ASSIST or call 1-866-843-7212 to screen for and apply for benefits.

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