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Season 3 of “My Brilliant Friend” Will Feature Two New Stars, but It Will Be the Final Season.

HBO’s My Brilliant Friend, which is based on Elena Ferrante’s four-book Neapolitan trilogy, will also include a fourth and final chapter. Season 4 will follow Ferrante’s The Story Of The Lost Child, which begins up with Elena and Lila’s friendship on the rocks in the late 1970s, according to the network, which announced the renewal in March. Even though the time leap will bring many changes, the women’s relationship will remain the common thread.

“We knew Elena and Lila’s journey had to be portrayed in its entirety when we chose to bring Elena Ferrante’s masterpiece Neapolitan Novels to the screen,” HBO senior vice president Francesca Orsi said in a statement on March 22. “We’re excited to finish the quartet, and we’re confident that The Story of the Lost Child will bring the series to a close with the same heart, intimacy, and epic storytelling that have marked Elena and Lila’s journey from the start.”

Elena “Lenù” Greco (Margherita Mazzucco) and Raffaella “Lila” Cerullo (Gaia Grace) both reached maturity in Season 3 when their lives diverged, thrusting them into the challenges of parenting, marriage, and very different professions. Lila left her spouse — and a nice life — to work in a factory under difficult conditions, while Elena became a renowned novelist. By the end of Season 3, the young actresses who had played the ladies since 2018 had also taken their final bows, as the women moved on to other periods of their life.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Lila and Lenù as adults in action,” Grace said in February, hinting at what’s to come. Here’s everything we know about Season 4 of My Brilliant Friend so far.

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The Premiere Date for Season 4 of My Brilliant Friend

Season 4 was apparently in pre-production as of March 2022, even before HBO announced the renewal. Aside from COVID-related delays, prior production timetables appear to imply that a season of the drama takes around a year to create, so fans may anticipate Season 4 to launch in February 2023 if the timing remains the same.

Predictions for the cast and plot of My Brilliant Friend Season 4

HBO has yet to reveal the Season 4 cast, which is expected to include primarily if not all, new faces. However, in the Season 3 finale, viewers get a quick glimpse of the new Elena, who has been an unseen component of the narrative since the beginning. Alba Rohrwacher, who will replace Elena in Season 4, has been doing Elena’s voiceover since the program debuted on HBO in 2018.

My Brilliant Friend Season 3 (1)

Variety also claimed in March, via the Italian press, that The Hand of God actor Luisa Ranieri is a “possible contender” for the upcoming Lila role, though HBO has yet to comment on the casting speculation.

Mazzucco stated to the New York Times that she never read the last chapters of the fourth book because she didn’t want to know how it ended, despite reading all four books a week before filming began. Grace, meanwhile, avoided reading ahead of time because “the connections between the characters vary from season to season, and I didn’t want to look at other characters in a different manner,” she explained.

Elena explains that she returned to Naples with her girls but “avoided starting a stable connection with Lila” for three years in The Story of the Lost Child. However, as their families grow, the women’s relationship organically resumes.

The summary of the novel states, “Their relationship has been the gravitational core of their existence.” “Both ladies tried to get out of their childhood community, which was a prison of conformity, violence, and unbreakable taboos. Elena married, settled in Florence, established a family, and wrote several well-received novels.


She has returned to Naples in this final novel, as though attracted back by the city’s enigmatic allure. Lila, on the other hand, could never leave the city where she was born.”

Only time will tell how it will play out on film in the final season of My Brilliant Friend.

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