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Liz Cheney Believes “People Must Watch” the Hearings on January 6, but the Right-Wing Media Suggests the Opposite

The House select committee investigating the January 6 coup plot, according to Tucker Carlson, is a “wholly illegitimate group.”

Laura Ingraham enjoys ridiculing the “huge prime time spectacle” this week. Maria Bartiromo is concerned about the riot suspects who are still in custody.

The whole affair is “a bunch of nonsense,” according to Donald Trump.

That is the reality of the information landscape as we approach Thursday’s prime-time hearing.

While a bipartisan committee of senators is attempting to present the public with the complete story of 1/6, a media environment dominated by Trump supporters is attempting to convey the exact opposite.

It’s not only that Republican-leaning media sources are dismissing the work of the 1/6 committee or casting doubt on the process, though both are true.

It’s because the GOP’s greatest stars are labelling the investigation “illegitimate,” declaring that they don’t care, mocking those who do, and instead of broadcasting conspiracy theories about the violence. They’ve already rejected the hearings before they even start.

This must be taken into account in news reportage. Because the GOP follows Tucker’s “Patriot Purge” Carlson’s lead.

I’m not saying the hearings aren’t important; I’m saying that they are, and because they are, pro-Trump media people are attacking them, which is a big part of the story.

Will Fox News, for example, broadcast the entire prime-time hearing on Thursday? Fox has yet to react, but it’s difficult to envision Carlson giving up his time on television for a hearing he labels “illegitimate.”

I looked for mentions of “January 6” on cable news and discovered over 800 on MSNBC so far this year, compared to just over 144 on Newsmax.

Many of the Newsmax comments were contemptuous of the disturbance or supportive of the accused rioters.

As a result, the United States has yet another information gap — or perhaps a three-way split, with politically engaged viewers on both sides and indifferent people in the middle.

On Sunday, retired DC metropolitan police officer Michael Fanon, who was dragged and battered that day, told Jim Acosta, “Unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s going to move the needle.”

“I believe the majority of people in this country are unconcerned about what happened on January 6, and everyone else is firmly entrenched on their political side.”

Yes, according to political scientist Brendan Nyhan, how the findings of the 1/6 committee are presented to the public “matters a little on the edge.” However, “a LOT of unfair expectations are being placed on the stagecraft right now.”

He claimed that the committee is “fighting uphill against institutional reasons that favour Republicans,” as well as a “media appetite for new disclosures and drama that are unlikely to be forthcoming…”


Another issue is that people have short attention spans.

“The committee’s members will be fighting uphill against our political and media system’s short attention span when it holds the first of a series of public hearings in prime time on Thursday,” E.J. Dionne Jr. wrote in this WaPo editorial.

They’ll also be up against a coordinated diversion effort waged by Trump’s supporters and the vast majority of Republican politicians, regardless of their true feelings about Trump, who want to make the threat to our democracy go away as a public issue…”

The Point of View of Woodward and Bernstein

On Sunday’s “Reliable Sources,” the legendary reporting partnership joined me for a piece commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in.

They talked about the “connection” they’ve had for decades, which has been full of conflicts and discussions. We then moved on to 1/6. “Carl and I, after our lengthy debates, have come to an agreement…

“There is a mountain of evidence that this was a criminal conspiracy to sabotage a legal government function,” Woodward added.

>> In a new foreword to “All The President’s Men,” the two men discuss this. On Sunday, the Post published it…

“What happened on January 6?” says the narrator. POTUS, his lawyers, and his aides all tried to prevent the election from taking place, according to Bernstein.

They attempted to “create a coup” so that Joe Biden would not be able to become the president who had been legitimately elected and installed.

“I believe there is a misunderstanding about the magnitude and timeframe of what transpired,” he stated.

Costa’s question to Rep. Liz Cheney, deputy head of the 1/6 committee, for a curtain-raiser on “CBS Sunday Morning” Costa’s question to Cheney Woodward’s “Peril” co-author Robert Costa interviewed Rep. Liz Cheney, vice-chair of the 1/6 committee, for a curtain-raiser on “CBS Sunday Morning.”

“Are you confident that what you’ve discovered as a committee will grab the American people by the lapels and scream, ‘Wake up: You have to pay attention,'” he asked.

“I am,” she declared… “The threat, and it’s a continuing threat — you know, we’re not in a scenario where former President Trump has expressed any regret for what happened.”

In fact, we’re in a scenario where he’s using even more inflammatory language than the one that sparked the attack. As a result, people must pay close attention.

People must keep an eye on things and realise how easily our democratic system can fall apart if we do not defend it.”

Read more:-

Fair enough, but “people must watch” ignores the fact that a sizable portion of the American population will not only refuse to watch but will proudly proclaim their disinterest as part of their political identity.

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