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The Annual Meeting of Greater Fort Wayne Inc. Is Held in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown to learn about the city’s economic prospects.

The University of Saint Francis Performing Arts Center hosted the 2022 Greater Fort Wayne Inc. Annual Meeting on Thursday night.

Officials say Fort Wayne is a very enticing place for development, and many people are flocking there because it is a mid-sized city.

John Urbahns, president and CEO of Great Fort Wayne Inc., claims that the company executed 27 economic development initiatives last year.

“On the riverside, there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on. With the city’s recent acquisition of the Pepsi property, there’s plenty of room for investment in that region. “I think the second thing we’ve seen is a lot more attention on R&D and higher-tech jobs coming to the community,” Urbahns added.

According to Urbahns, they have already completed 11 projects this year.

Five awards were also given out by Greater Fort Wayne to people making a difference in Allen County. The awards, which are given out each year as part of GFW Inc.’s Annual Meeting, recognised a promising small business, a local organisation, and three community leaders.


The following are the award winners for this year:

The Hoppy Gnome Small Business of the Year Award: This award recognises the achievements of small businesses and their contributions to Allen County’s economic prosperity.

Each nominee must be a current Greater Fort Wayne Inc. investor, based in Allen County, have been in operation for more than five years, have 50 or fewer full-time workers, have revenue of less than $5 million in 2021, and be a for-profit firm that is independently owned and run.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne will receive the Nonprofit Organization of the Year Award for the first time in 2022. This award honours local nonprofit organisations that strengthen our community and improve the quality of life for Allen County residents.

Except that nominations must be IRS-recognized nonprofit organisations, the eligibility conditions are identical to those for the Small Business of the Year Award.

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Barb Smith is a writer who lives in New York GFW Inc. Service Award – Beth Goldsmith: This award recognises Beth Goldsmith’s outstanding service to GFW Inc. and commitment to Allen County’s economic development.

Each nominee must be an Allen County-based Greater Fort Wayne Inc. investor, have been in business for more than five years, have 50 or fewer full-time workers, have revenue of less than $5 million in 2021, and be a for-profit, independently owned and operated business.

Jim Marcuccilli is the recipient of the Maclyn Parker Swagger Award for Community Vision and Leadership, which is given to someone who embodies the perseverance and drives to make Fort Wayne-Allen County a successful community by being a strong advocate for economic growth.

Exceptional efforts by elected officials to develop a stronger community—and grow employment and wages—by establishing the greatest environment to recruit and retain people and business are recognised with the Elected Official of the Year Award, which goes to Indiana Sen. Dennis Kruse.

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