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For Faster Service and Reduced Wait Time, the IRS Has Expanded Its Voice Bot Options

The Internal Revenue Service stated today that voice bot options have been increased to help eligible taxpayers quickly verify their identity and set up or alter a payment plan while avoiding excessive wait periods.

“This is part of a larger IRS commitment to assist taxpayers to have a better experience,” IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig stated. “We’re always looking for new ways to aid taxpayers, and one of those ways is to make it easier for them to acquire what they need without having to wait on hold or make a second phone call.” Another example of how technology might assist the IRS in providing better service to taxpayers is the extended voice bots.”

Artificial intelligence-powered software powers voice bots, which allow callers to navigate an interactive voice response. Since January, the IRS has begun deploying speech bots on several toll-free lines to help taxpayers with simple payment or notification questions obtain answers promptly and without having to wait. If necessary, taxpayers can contact an IRS phone representative who speaks English or Spanish.

Eligible taxpayers who phone the Automated Collection System (ACS) and Accounts Management toll-free lines to discuss payment plan choices can use a personal identification number (PIN) creation process to authenticate or verify their identities. It’s simple to create a PIN: all you’ll need is your most recent IRS bill and some basic personal information.


“Over 3 million calls have been answered by voice bots thus far.” Darren Guillot, IRS Deputy Commissioner of Small Business/Self Employed Collection & Operations Support, said, “As we provide more services for taxpayers to resolve their concerns, I anticipate many more people getting the service they need swiftly and conveniently.”

In 2022, additional voice bot service developments are planned, allowing authenticated users (taxpayers with existing or newly created PINs) to get:

Transcripts to be accounted for and returned

History of payments

The amount owed right now.

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Voice bots, in addition to payment lines, provide general procedural solutions to frequently asked inquiries to people who call the Economic Impact Payment (EIP) toll-free line. In February, the IRS added speech bots to the Advance Child Tax Credit toll-free line to help callers reconcile credits on their 2021 tax returns.

The IRS also reminds taxpayers that there are a variety of additional self-service options accessible to them.

Voice bots, which let callers traverse an interactive voice response, are powered by software that uses artificial intelligence. Speech bots have been used by the IRS since January on a variety of toll-free lines to assist taxpayers with basic payment or notification questions.

This allows them to receive assistance right away and without having to wait. Taxpayers can speak with an IRS phone agent who speaks English or Spanish if they need to.

A personal identification number (PIN) creation process can be used to authenticate or verify the identities of eligible taxpayers who call the Automated Collection System (ACS) and Accounts Management toll-free lines to discuss payment plan options. You only need a few pieces of basic personal information and your most recent IRS bill to create a PIN.

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