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Indiana Turbotax Users Will Receive $2.9 Million From a National Intuit Settlement

Todd Rokita, the Attorney General of Indiana, says Hoosier TurboTax users will receive $2.9 million.

The money is part of a $141 million settlement with TurboTax maker Intuit Inc.

According to WRTV, about 98,715 Indiana transactions were impacted by Rokita’s office. However, because those files occurred in 2016, 2017, and 2018, a single consumer could have been liable for up to three of them.

You are not required to file a claim for the funds. The Attorney General’s Office has outlined how payment will be made.

The payment of restitution will be handled by a settlement administrator.

The list of affected consumers and their last known addresses will be provided by Intuit to the settlement administrator.

The administrator will locate their current postal addresses and notify them of the settlement by mail or email.

It will be established a mechanism through which a customer can request electronic payment instead of paying by check if that is their preference.

Checks will be mailed, or payments will be made electronically.

Uncashed check reminders will be sent by the settlement administrator, and checks will be re-issued as needed.


Nearly 4.4 million taxpayers were impacted across the country.

A complaint was filed with the Federal Trade Commission in March, and a settlement was reached in May.

The settlement, which asks for Intuit Inc. to cease TurboTax’s “free, free, free” ad campaign and pay restitution, was signed by the attorneys general of all 50 states, including Rokita.

It is not necessary for you to submit a claim for the monies. The Attorney General’s Office has laid out the procedure for payment.

A settlement administrator will be in charge of restitution payments.

Intuit will supply the settlement administrator with a list of affected consumers and their last known addresses.

The administrator will look up their current mailing addresses and send them a letter or email informing them of the settlement.

If a customer prefers, a system will be provided via which they can request electronic payment rather than paying by check.

Payments will be paid either by check or electronically.

The settlement administrator will send uncashed check reminders, and checks will be re-issued as needed.

“Most tax filers cannot utilise the company’s “free” service since it is not available to millions of taxpayers, including those who receive a 1099 form for gig economy labour or those who earn agricultural income,” according to the FTC.

  • According to the commission, around two-thirds of tax filers will be unable to use TurboTax’s free offering in 2020.

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TurboTax has opted out of the IRS Free File programme, which allows you to prepare and file your federal income tax online utilising guided tax preparation or through an IRS partner site, as WRTV Investigates reported in January.

Intuit told WRTV earlier this year that its $0 Any Way programme would enable 60 million Americans to file their federal and state taxes for free.

Although other companies engage in IRS Free File, TurboTax and H&R Block are no longer among them.

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