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The Areas Where SNAP Benefits Are Used Least Frequently

The cost of almost all products and services, including necessities like groceries, has increased due to inflation.

A gallon of milk now costs 25 per cent more than it did before the outbreak. According to a study by Moody’s Analytics, American families now spend $311 more each month on average for necessities than they did a year ago.

Millions of Americans may need to rely on government food aid programmes like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to survive price increases.

Approximately 13.8 million American households, or about one in 10, received SNAP assistance in 2020. However, at a more local level, there are wealthy areas where SNAP help is quite uncommon.

St. examined figures from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 American Community Survey for the proportion of households that received SNAP benefits in the most recent 12 months over five years. 11.4 per cent of households in the US were receiving SNAP benefits as of 2020. This percentage varies from 3.5% to just 1.00% of households among the 50 counties or county-equivalents on this list.

SNAP eligibility is mostly based on income, although other elements like assets and households make a difference. As a result, counties with lower rates of poverty also have a tendency to have fewer households getting benefits. 12.8 per cent of Americans were considered to be poor in 2020.

In 42 of the 50 counties or county-equivalents on this list, the poverty rate is less than 10%, and in Douglas County, Colorado, the lowest percentage of people live in poverty out of the roughly 3,000 American counties, at 3.2%. The majority of children living in poverty are found in these states.

Because SNAP eligibility is primarily determined by income, unemployment has a significant impact on the number of people who qualify for benefits because unemployed Americans are more likely to have low or no income.


All but three of the counties on this list have average unemployment rates that are less than the 5.3% national rate for the past five years. Only a few American counties have a five-year unemployment rate under 1 per cent, including Perkins County, Nebraska.

These states have experienced the worst increases in unemployment since the pandemic started.

24/7 Wall St. looked at examined estimates of the proportion of households that got SNAP benefits in the previous 12 months during a five-year period from the 2020 American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau to identify the counties with the lowest SNAP recipiency rates.

Counties were removed if the 2020 ACS did not provide information on the SNAP recipiency rate, if there were less than 500 households, or if the sampling error related to a county’s data was assessed to be too high.

If a county’s SNAP recipiency rate’s coefficient of variation, a statistical measure of how trustworthy an estimate is, was higher than 15% and more than two standard deviations above the mean CV for all counties’ SNAP recipiency rates, it was deemed that the sampling error was too high. Using the same approach, we similarly disregarded counties with sample errors too large in population.

The percentage of households that received SNAP benefits during the previous 12 months was used to rank counties. The number of households who received SNAP benefits in the most recent 12 months was used to break ties.

Five-year projections from the 2020 ACS also provide additional data on the unemployment rate, median household income, and poverty rate.

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