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Zeldin Mocks Andrew Giuliani, Calling Him the “Chick-Fil-a Runner” of the Trump Administration

Rep. Lee Zeldin, a candidate for governor on the Republican side, provided some spice to the final discussion of the race by labelling Andrew Giuliani “a former “Chick-Fil-A” runner in the White House outranked by the Easter Egg Bunny.”

The insult was delivered as Zeldin was being questioned by the former White House adviser and son of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani on earlier remarks against former President Donald Trump.

This is the same man who said, a few years back, that President Trump had lied to you last night and made racial remarks. Giuliani made reference to remarks Zeldin made on CNN years ago when he said, “Unfortunately, he’s going to flip and flop.

While criticising Giuliani, a former golf professional who served in the Trump White House and ran for governor, Zeldin asserted that his comments had been “selectively edited.”

“What I was doing in that interview was asserting that ‘President Trump was not a racist,’ despite the CNN host’s repeated attempts to get me to confess it. Unfortunately, that’s the case,” Zeldin stated.

Giuliani retaliated, “You acknowledged in your definition that he is racist in terms of the things that he made.”

The Republican gubernatorial debate in New York features Andrew Giuliani, the son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who takes part via virtual transmission.

Against former Westchester Executive Rob Astorino and businessman Harry Wilson, Giuliani and Zeldin are engaged in a contentious primary contest. Zeldin has an edge thanks to polling, fundraising, and endorsements, including those from the Post Editorial Board.

Zeldin’s main competitors have been criticising him for being too liberal for months.


Giuliani attempted to position himself as the candidate who was most supportive of Trump during a Newsmax discussion on Tuesday night.

Businessman During the New York Republican gubernatorial debate, Harry Wilson, Lee Zeldin, former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, and Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, spar.

Despite his connections to Giuliani, Zeldin, and Astorino, Trump has not endorsed anyone in the campaign.

Listen for someone whose claim to fame was that Chris Farley made fun of him on Saturday Night Live for being a loud kid, who then turns out to be even louder and gets expelled off the Duke golf team, Zeldin said.

When his father was elected mayor of New York City in 1994, the younger Giuliani, who was the subject of a well-known Farley comic sketch, loudly stole the show.

After being let go from the squad, Giuliani played golf at Duke University. He eventually brought an unsuccessful lawsuit against the institution, seeking monetary compensation and lifetime use of the golfing facilities.

Zeldin was making reference to an untrue rumour concerning Chris Christie’s involvement with the White House.

Zeldin mocked Giuliani as an errand boy for the Trump White House after making reference to those incidents in the life of the 36-year-old political novice.

And after that, the Easter Bunny effectively replaces you as the Chick-Fil-A runner at the White House.

While former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the subject of a bogus tale about providing Trump fast food during the 2016 presidential campaign, former Trump White House spokesman Sean Spicer made headlines for portraying the Easter Bunny.

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During the hour-long slugfest between the candidates Tuesday night, Zeldin made one more jab at Giuliani, who has previously claimed he worked on COVID-19 and the opioid problem in the White House.

Zeldin advised Giuliani, “You ought to get a job before you run.”

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