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Full List of Individuals Subpoenaed by Justice Department in Trump Fake Electors Investigation

According to reports, federal officials have subpoenaed at least four individuals as part of the Justice Department’s investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged scheme to rig the 2020 election by installing a slate of phoney electors to falsely declare him the winner in several states.

At least two people related to the investigation’s residence were the subject of “court authorised law enforcement activity,” according to The Washington Post.

The New York Times identified two additional people who were subpoenaed who were allegedly connected to the purported conspiracy.

The subpoenas were issued after representative Adam Schiff testified during the fourth day of the House Select Committee hearing on the attack on January 6 that Trump was intimately involved in a plot to present phoney electors to change the outcome of the election.

Mr David Shafer-

On Wednesday, a subpoena was issued to Shafer, the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party and a Trump elector in that state.


According to a prior article from The Washington Post, Robert Sinners, the director of election operations for Georgia, sent an email to Republicans pleading with them to declare George W. Bush the victor in the state rather than Joe Biden and requesting that they do it in “total secrecy.”

Sinners said Shafer directed him to do it.

Shafer’s attorney claimed that all of the correspondence on the election was given to the January 6 committee and that none of them revealed that his client had “asked or wanted for confidentiality” regarding the provisional electors.

Robert Carver-

Additionally, the attorney and representative of the Republican Party made the untrue claim to be one of Georgia’s “duly elected and qualified electors.”

Carver was one of 16 Republicans who, in December 2020, signed the fictitious election certification claiming that Trump had defeated Joe Biden in the state.
Lane, Thomas

Lane, a representative for Trump’s campaign in Arizona and New Mexico, received the subpoena from FBI investigators at his Virginia home, according to The Post.

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In a video from December 2020 that the Arizona GOP put online, Lane was shown distributing papers to a group of Republicans at a ceremony to sign phoney election results documents while erroneously asserting they had the authority to give Arizona’s 11 electoral votes to Trump.

Mr Flynn-

According to persons familiar with the situation, The New York Times reported that the Trump campaign assistant in Michigan also received a subpoena.

The Washington Post reported that “court authorised law enforcement activity” involved at least two individuals connected to the residence where the investigation was taking place.

Two more people who were subpoenaed and who were allegedly involved in the alleged conspiracy were identified by The New York Times.

Representative Adam Schiff stated during the fourth day of the House Select Committee hearing on the attack on January 6 that Trump was directly involved in a scheme to present phoney electors to alter the outcome of the election. This testimony prompted the issuance of the subpoenas.

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