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Trump Documentary’s Trailer Was Released; It Will Be Watched by the January 6 Committee

(CNN) Former President Donald Trump is heard being questioned about the day of the attack on the US Capitol in a promotional video for a documentary that the House select committee looking into it is interested in.

The contact with Trump is just briefly shown in the trailer after he responds “Yes.” The first footage from the documentary to be made available to the public is the trailer, which will be released by Discovery Plus, a channel owned by CNN’s parent company.

According to a statement he made earlier this week, the conversation was recorded by British documentarian Alex Holder, who was subpoenaed by the committee and has provided raw video of his interviews with Trump, members of the Trump family, and former Vice President Mike Pence.

The video represents a fresh discovery in the ongoing January 6, 2021 investigation as well as two criminal investigations into Trump’s attempts to rig the 2020 presidential election.

A representative for Discovery verified the project’s owner to CNN’s Brian Stelter.
Ivanka Trump informed the filmmaker Trump should use all available means to contest the election.

Ivanka Trump advised the film’s creator that Trump should use all available legal means to contest the election.

“The three-part “Unprecedented” documentary series by Alex Holder on the 2020 election will air on discovery+ later this summer.

The docuseries will feature exclusive, never-before-seen interviews with Trump, his family, and other people who were in the White House, as well as previously unseen footage of the Trump family on the campaign trail and their reactions to the election’s results “In a statement, the spokesperson was quoted.


In the video, members of Trump’s family, including his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, both of whom served as top advisers in the Trump White House, are heard speaking directly to the camera.

Ivanka Trump’s interview was first mentioned in a brief excerpt on Tuesday night.
Trump and his associates have not yet responded publicly to reports that the committee subpoenaed Holder or to information that the panel now has about what Ivanka Trump stated during one of her interviews.

The holder is anticipated to give a deposition to the committee on Thursday behind closed doors, during which he is likely to be questioned about what he saw during the nearly six months that he had exclusive access to important Trump players, including the former President himself.

He also possesses longer clips, some of which was provided to Congress and others of which are included in the documentary.

In addition to the video itself, Holder also has untold anecdotes and tales from his time working with the Trump campaign that may give new insight into the hidden events that occurred before and after January 6, 2021.

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The committee’s chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, said the video Holder has already sent for examination was “significant” on Wednesday.

Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, added that the committee’s post-Thursday hearing schedule has been postponed in part because the panel needs more time to review all the Holder-provided video and other evidence.

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