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New Information Proves Trump’s Immigration Plan Was to Be More Harsh

Reporters published surprising facts on how Donald Trump’s administration handled US immigration policy when he was in office. As it turns out, the media overlooked a few things. Former Cabinet members and others have revealed that the Trump administration’s immigration policies were intended to be much harsher, including stationing a quarter of a million soldiers on the border with Mexico, enacting more gruesome measures to separate families, and focusing on deporting children at American schools.

Stephen Miller’s Scheme To Send ICE Agents To U.S. Schools To Find Children To Deport: Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos described her time in the Trump administration in a new book, and she disclosed a scheme by Stephen Miller to identify students at their schools for deportation under the guise of looking for gang members. Additionally, DeVos writes, “there was the overreach and poor ideas we prevented from happening.” “Stephen Miller, head of policy for President Trump, invited Nate and Ebony from my team to the White House for a meeting. Miller’s assistants took them to a nearby restaurant (Cosi, for those who are familiar with the area) to have their meeting after failing to properly clear them through White House security.

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“Miller’s men revealed a plot to send Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents inside schools under the pretence of finding MS-13 gang members over the clamour of customers slurping lattes and crunching salads. The idea was to find illegal students and deport them when agents investigated students’ citizenship status ostensibly to look for gang affiliations. The idea of this was not only terrifying, but it was also obviously prohibited. They were politely declined by Nate and Ebony. But that didn’t stop Stephen Miller from calling me later to ask what I thought about the concept. They were negative, just like Nate and Ebony’s were. Simply no. (The original text has emphasis.)

DeVos’ description of the idea as “chilling” is accurate. Many children, not just undocumented pupils but also native-born children with undocumented parents or siblings, would have probably stopped going to school and foregone their education once it became known that federal officials planned to check immigration status at schools. If such a policy reappears in the future in any way, don’t be shocked.

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The equivalent of half the U.S. Army would be stationed at the southern border under Stephen Miller’s proposal: Approximately 480,000 soldiers made up the U.S. Army in FY 2020, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper claimed that Stephen Miller had taken steps to put more than half of the U.S. Army (or its equivalent) on the border with Mexico.

In an interview with Norah O’Donnell for 60 Minutes, Esper said, “We’re in a meeting, waiting for the president to come out. “The Resolute Desk is where we’re gathered. He is also behind me. And this speaker simply begins mentioning the impending arrival of caravans. Additionally, “We must send troops to the border.” We also need a quarter million soldiers. He may be joking, too. I then turn around and gaze at him with this—with these expressionless eyes. He is obviously not joking.

He keeps saying, “No, we need a quarter-million troops,” Esper said. I simply face him in a full circle and tell him, “I don’t have a quarter of a million troops to send on some foolish expedition to the border.”


Esper requested that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark A. Milley, and his chief of staff confirm that Miller had not already put a plan into motion. Days later, Milley returns, and the door opens to reveal him brandishing a document in his hand. And he adds, “Secretary, you’re not going to believe this,” or anything to that effect. He then confirms to me that they were indeed working. We had a preliminary idea of a plan for how this would play out. And I was just shocked that not only had the proposal been suggested, but also that my department’s employees were working on it.

“I specifically instructed General Milley to order NORTHCOM, Northern Command, to cease and desist from working on it. And that you tell anyone with queries to call me directly, not you. I never received a call, Esper claimed. It had already passed away as it should have.

There is no reason to station soldiers along the American border. By allowing more temporary workers into the country, the United States might decrease the number of persons who enter the country illegally. According to research by the National Foundation for American Policy, between 1953 and 1959, the number of Mexican farmworkers admitted under the Bracero programme was cut by 95%. Taxpayers wouldn’t have to spend anything to achieve this reduction in illegal immigration, and it wouldn’t harm or obstruct other national defence goals.

At the height of President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy to prosecute adults for the misdemeanour offence of crossing the border illegally, the U.S. government separated more than 3,000 children from their parents along the Mexican border in May and June 2018, according to Maria Sacchetti of the Washington Post. More than 5,500 children were separated overall, according to DHS authorities.

Using emails that were made available to attorneys for migrants whose children were separated from them by the policy, Sacchetti writes on June 8, 2022, “On May 10, 2018, Matthew Albence, then a high-ranking official at ICE, wrote in a memo to other officials at the agency that he was worried that parents would be returned to their children in Border Patrol stations too quickly after going to criminal court.” Albence stated that CBP [Customs and Border Protection] should collaborate with ICE to stop this from happening, such as by bringing the adults straight to ICE from criminal court rather than reuniting them with their kids, or by having the children go to ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement) “at an accelerated pace.”

In June 2018, the Trump administration stopped separating families at the border in response to criticism that doing so was cruel. The disclosures from previously secret emails reveal Trump administration officials believed the policy was not harsh enough.

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These three papers serve as a reminder of the harsh and unconventional nature of the Trump administration’s immigration policies. The information suggests that if the same people are given another chance, the measures that have come to light since Donald Trump left office may be reinstated, combined with new immigration laws that are probably more restrictive.

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