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State and Municipal Governments’ Reaction to the Dobbs V. Jackson Decision by the United States Supreme Court

Following are state and local leaders’ and groups’ comments on the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson on June 24 to reverse the 1973 Roe vs. Wade ruling.

In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court held that the Constitution forbids limitations on abortion.

This precedent has been reversed as a result of the Dobbs verdict, and the decision regarding abortion limits will now be made at the legislative level.

Paul Farrow, chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party, stated, “Today’s Supreme Court decision represents a historic victory in the fight to protect unborn children, an affirmation of our Constitution, and the return of policymaking to the people and their elected representatives, as our Founders intended.”

“Republicans have always believed in the sanctity of life – that it is valuable and deserving of defence. As we continue to advocate for the recognition of the worth of human life, Republicans will continue to advocate on behalf of unborn infants and mothers and families in need. We invite all Wisconsin residents who respect the sanctity of human life to join us.”

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler, 1st Vice-Chair Felecia Martin, and 2nd Vice-Chair Lee Snodgrass:

“Today, the Supreme Court, supported by anti-abortion fanatics in Congress, has betrayed our nation and state by stripping Americans of the freedom to make their own medical decisions. Overturning Roe v. Wade directly opposes the will of the people, the counsel of innumerable medical professionals, and decades of precedent and established law.

As a result of this ruling, Wisconsin’s 1849 prohibition on abortion is now enforced, and doctors in our state can be imprisoned for doing their duties.

“Today’s ruling highlights the necessity of electing leaders at all levels of government who will defend the fundamental human right of every individual to make their own medical decisions.

The state’s governor, Tony Evers, and attorney general, Josh Kaul, have been formidable obstacles to the Republican assault on reproductive health.

Senator Tammy Baldwin and Representatives Gwen Moore, Ron Kind, and Mark Pocan have been ardent supporters and champions of legislation that would codify abortion safeguards into federal law.

“Abortion will be on the ballot in November more than ever before. All four Republican gubernatorial candidates have supported abortion bans that exceed the 1849 statute and have vowed to pursue even stricter limits on reproductive health care.

Ron Johnson, who earlier termed the overturning of Roe v. Wade ‘the perfect decision,’ has recklessly informed Wisconsin residents that if they don’t like the abortion restrictions in their state, they ‘may relocate.’

The stakes of the 2022 elections could not be higher: we’re fighting for the right of every individual to make their own decisions on their body, life, and destiny.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) proclaimed, “Today is a victory for life and for those who have struggled for decades to defend the unborn. Since over fifty years ago, the decisions of nine unelected Supreme Court justices have prevented the formation of a democratic consensus on the deep moral question of abortion.

This ruling will now allow the democratic process to play out in each state to determine at what point society assumes responsibility for protecting life.

“It is hoped that the debate will be handled with sincerity, compassion, and respect for the wide variety of perspectives held by individuals.”

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin): “An activist majority of the Supreme Court has reversed Roe and nearly 50 years of precedent, stripping American women of their constitutional rights to make their own personal decisions on their body, health, and family.”

Republicans have dragged Wisconsin women back to 1849, and it is Republicans who want to keep us there by supporting political interference in the liberties of women, who will now have fewer rights than their moms and grandmothers have for decades.

I urge people to join this struggle with their voices and ballots because we will not be turned back; rather, we will advance.”


Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s President and CEO Tanya Atkinson:

The Supreme Court has stripped us of the constitutional right to abortion. This decision strips us of our autonomy over our bodies and our health care decisions, leaving them to the discretion of politicians.

Because Wisconsin’s criminal abortion statute remains in effect, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has temporarily ceased its abortion services until a court clarifies whether or not the ban is enforceable. Know that we are investigating all legal avenues.

This news is terrible. The decision of whether or not to become a parent is one of the most personal and life-altering choices that individuals make. You have the right to exercise control over your own body, life, and future. And obtain the necessary medical care.

Although abortion services are not currently available in Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood’s doors are open throughout the state and we are here to assist patients in obtaining the care they require.

This includes assisting patients in accessing safe abortion care in states where it is still allowed, assisting with travel, and providing proper follow-up care upon their return home.

Our number one goal is your health and the well-being of the community.

Planned Parenthood embodies compassion. And we will persevere. Now not. Not ever.”

Rep. Scott Fitzgerald :

The ruling is a significant victory for the pro-life movement and unborn individuals. Congressman Fitzgerald stated that the decision in Roe v. Wade was erroneous and that the Supreme Court correctly overturned the atrocious precedent it established.

“We have fought long and hard to defend the right to life of those unable to defend themselves.

Today, that struggle has paid off, but now we must work to ensure that life is safeguarded at the state and national levels.”

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers: “Today is an incomprehensibly bleak day for our state and nation.”

I am heartbroken for the millions of Wisconsinites and Americans whom the U.S. Supreme Court has abandoned, as well as for our country and its democratic institutions. This is an extremely awful and unconscionable judgment by the U.S. Supreme Court, the likes of which I had hoped to never witness again in my lifetime.

I am aware that many individuals in our state and nation are fearful, fearful for their own health and for the health and safety of their family members, friends, and neighbours, who may soon lose the opportunity to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions.

My heart aches for them, I grieve for them, and I hope for their fortitude and bravery in the days ahead.

“We must continue our efforts to do the right thing for the citizens of this state. We will oppose this decision in every manner possible, utilizing all of our resources. In the coming weeks and months, when citizens in Wisconsin and across the nation make their voices heard, we will do so without violence and in a peaceful manner.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: “I will never stop fighting to ensure that every single Wisconsinite has the right to consult their family, their faith, and their doctor to make the reproductive healthcare decision that is right for them, without interference from politicians or Supreme Court justices who are ignorant of their life circumstances, values, and responsibilities.”

Nora Rasman, the senior organizer for the Wisconsin Working Families Party, states:

By seizing control of the Supreme Court, Republicans have achieved their long-sought objective of stripping persons seeking abortions of the freedom to plan families and exercise bodily autonomy.

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There is no equality for people who give birth without access to abortion. As much as anything else, abortion is a problem of racial and economic justice.

People with wealth and connections will be able to receive the care they need securely, as they always have, but poor and working-class people, especially disproportionately BIPOC people, who require abortion care will be forced into pregnancies.

There is no such thing as a just society that does not make abortion legal, safe, and available to everyone.

This ruling serves as a reminder that elections are important. Elected officials have had decades to strengthen the legal protections for abortion.

Instead, abortion will become outlawed in Wisconsin, one of thirteen states whose archaic laws will restrict access to the procedure.

Wednesday, State Senate leaders gaveled in and out in less than 15 seconds, refusing to remove the 1849 abortion ban.

As our democracy is under attack at the national level, Wisconsin state officials and our elected leaders in Washington must take immediate action to defend abortion access for all who require it.

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