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In House Appropriations Committee Markups, Hinson Fights for Iowa and Protects Taxpayers

Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (IA-01) took part in twelve markups of the federal funding bills for the fiscal year 2023 as a member of the House Appropriations Committee.

Hinson argued throughout these markups for fiscal restraint, funding for border security, pro-life policies, and the return of tax revenues to Iowa. Below are the main points.

“All that this Administration is trying to do is put that burden onto the backs of hardworking Iowans and Americans,” says Hinson in his proposal to stop the Biden administration from shifting student loan debt.

Those who opted not to attend college and those who diligently repaid their loans will cover the cost.

Iowans Need Reliable Energy, Says Hinson: “This amendment will help keep the lights on for Americans across the nation.

I think it’s important to understand how the EPA’s current policies affect individuals across the nation, especially my Iowa constituents, before advocating for environmental standards and alternative energy while limiting the use of conventional fuel sources.

Hinson opposes federal WOTUS overreach on Iowa farmers, saying that “many times these debates are being held by government officials who have never set foot on these family farms.

They would have known, if they had set foot on these farms, what I have observed while touring the area: that farmers are the best stewards of their land and, rather than the government, they know how to best manage their resources.

Farmers are more concerned than the government is about the quality of their water, soil, and crops. They should take that action.

According to Hinson Advocates for Border Security, “A known suspected terrorist was recently alleged to have been released into our country.

To obtain the authority to just arrest him, ICE had to wait. It doesn’t make sense, that.

We need to stop these absurd priority hoops that agents must jump through to be allowed to conduct their jobs because this is an outright failure by DHS leadership.


Unanimous Adoption of Hinson’s Bipartisan Initiative to Stop Opioid Trafficking: “Who is manufacturing this illicit fentanyl? China.

The majority of fentanyl used illegally in the United States comes from China. How does it enter American neighbourhoods?

It is being illegally transported across our southern border and shipped through international mail.

The good news is that every agency working on the issue is working on it; they just need to coordinate more effectively.

My amendment specifically addresses this situation. This assures we are addressing the issue and deducts $15 million from other FDA payments, which is correct.

Hinson Fights to Prevent Taxpayer Funding of Abortions and Forced Sterilization Abroad: “I Want to Be Clear:

One of my Colleagues Said We Should Be Focused on Achieving and Empowering Women, I Don’t Think This Is Achieving And Empowering Women, It Is Coercing Them To Abort Their Babies. Like the Communist Party of China, it is fining them.

They have a social compensation fee where they fine these ladies for having more children than they are permitted to. In no way, shape, or form does that empower or promote women.

That is reprehensible, and we should not be using funds from the American taxpayers to support it abroad. This amendment’s goal is to achieve that.

Hinson Backs the Hyde Amendment to Stop Taxpayers from Paying for Unwanted Abortions:

The fact that Americans should not be forced to pay for abortions against their will is the key point in this discussion.

As members of the House Appropriations Committee, it is our responsibility to defend and answer to the American taxpayers. They own the money; the government does not.

“I am here today to speak on behalf of the Iowa family farmers and the biofuels community,” says Hinson, a supporter of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Unbearably high gas costs and our reliance on our biggest foreign foes for a reliable fuel supply are issues they have a quick solution for.

Successfully Ensuring Federal Security Grants for Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers: We all share the desire for expecting moms and their children to be safe, and we want to ensure that they have access to care regardless of where they live.

In my amendment, I make it clear that these grant funds should also be accessible for the protection of women who visit pregnancy aid centres and other medical facilities.

Hinson urges bolstering cybersecurity rather than funding the IRS with money from taxpayers:

“This account is critically essential, providing the cyber defences for the Treasury’s non-IRS activities.

We are aware of the Treasury’s vulnerability at the moment, as well as the impact these attacks are having on our departments. such as this one, which was carried out by Russian hackers who managed to breach the security of our important agency networks and gain access to the information of high officials.

This can’t happen. Now is the time to start making those investments in cybersecurity.

Also incorporated into the proposals approved by the Committee were 13 of Hinson’s requests for funding community projects.

To increase access to safe housing in the City of Waterloo, Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity will receive $1 million for its targeted neighbourhood revitalization project.

A new emergency services building in Gilbertville will cost $500,000 to build. The structure would make it possible for Gilbertville to offer its 2,800 residents emergency services, such as fire and rescue services.

$208,000 was allocated for a Buchanan County emergency operations centre to help coordinate disaster response across numerous counties.

Equipment modifications at the training facility at the Peosta campus will cost the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety $375,000.

Spending $1 million on Granger Creek Lift Station upgrades will help Dubuque’s sewage system keep up with the city’s growing need for trash removal.

Roads in the counties of Fayette and Clayton will receive $4 million in repairs using novel materials made from soybean oil rather than petroleum polymers.

The 5th Avenue flood pumps and gate well in Cedar Rapids will cost $1.725 million. A crucial element of Cedar Rapids’ flood mitigation strategy is the 5th Avenue Gatewell and Pump Station, which has two pumps.

$360,000 will be used to assist the Kirkwood Community College Aircraft Maintenance Technician Program, which will teach, supervise, and graduate licensed aviation mechanics.

The Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) Taxiway Expansion Project will spend $7 million to extend an existing taxiway and runway that will connect to a new centralized deicing and maintenance facility.

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To build a north-south route that would considerably increase safety and efficiency for both drivers and pedestrians, the City of Marion will need $7 million for the Alburnett Road expansion project.

$3.5 million for the Maquoketa Wastewater Plant will enable the City of Maquoketa to modernize a facility that is crucial to the health of almost 6,000 locals despite its age.

Additionally, it will enable the city to achieve EPA requirements that would otherwise be impossible for it to do so in 2023.

$333,200 will go toward the Osage Municipal Utilities Orchard Fiber Project, which will enable the inhabitants of Orchard to complete their fibre buildout, improve the ability of neighbourhood businesses to attract new staff, and five children in this remote, tiny town access they need.

The Iowa Flood Center will be given $1 million for more sophisticated hydrologic monitoring, evaluation, and flood forecasting in Eastern Iowa, enabling the installation of new rain gauges, water quality sensors, and other remote sensing equipment along the Lower Cedar River and Maquoketa River Watersheds for real-time hydrological data monitoring.

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