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Biden is Solely Responsible for Sabotaging the US Economy and Energy Sector

President Biden is solely responsible for “sabotaging” the United States’ economy and energy industry, “Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin said on his show Sunday, urging viewers to look past the White House’s penchant for finger-pointing and assign blame where it is due.

“Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are, in fact, responsible for sabotaging our economy and our energy industry. It has nothing to do with foreign forces, foreign powers, or boogeymen. It has something to do with actual policies that have been in the works for decades “In his opening monologue on Sunday night, the host said

According to Levin, the policies Democrats “put under the nomenclature of climate change or the Green New Deal” were first introduced in the 1970s at a conference in Europe where academics, professors, Marxist activists, and left-wing politicians proposed climate control as a system through which they would push their economic agenda.

President Biden has blamed the high cost of gas on Vladimir Putin, oil companies, and the pandemic.


President Biden has blamed the high cost of gas on Vladimir Putin, oil companies, and the pandemic.
“Marx despised the industrial society, and he was relatively shocked when he saw, particularly in the latter part of his life, that in the United States, as our industries grew, as our capitalist system expanded economic activity and prosperity, rather than the proletariat, the workers rising up and overthrowing the bourgeoisie, the owners, and the managers, quite the opposite occurred,” Levin explained.

“The majority of people’s lifestyles improved,” Levin said. “We created the vast middle class that is the heart and soul of America and the American system. It’s the polar opposite of what Marx intended. And the leftists have been fighting this for the last 100 years, and it’s finally come to a head.”

According to Levin, the Biden administration boasts the “most radical appointees” ever appointed as department heads in the country’s history.

“They adhere to this half-century-old degrowth movement. They can call it whatever they want, but that’s exactly what it is. It is a war against capitalism. And you know what? It’s working, “he stated.

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Levin vehemently denied the White House’s repeated assertion that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for the United States’ skyrocketing gas prices and rising inflation.

“It’s not Putin. It’s not the global economy. Biden, the Biden administration, and the Democrats have embraced every syllable of this propaganda “he stated. “Let me be crystal clear. This has nothing to do with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It has nothing to do with Saudi Arabia. It has nothing to do with anything other than Joe Biden, the Democratic Congress, and the radicals. And do you know what their strategy is for resolving the energy crisis? They have no plan. They harmed the system and have no intention of repairing it.”

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