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Kyrsten Sinema, Who Will Cast the Defining Vote on the Spending Bill, is Being Targeted in New Arizona

Arizona business groups are putting pressure on Senator Kyrsten Sinema to provide the decisive vote against the unexpectedly revived package of tax reforms and domestic spending legislation proposed by congressional Democrats.

Together with Arizona-based business groups, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has developed an advertisement that is a thinly veiled effort to convince the moderate Democrat from Arizona that the deal would be detrimental to her home state.

The advertisement preys on people’s fears regarding the state of the economy to derail a scaled-back version of the spending legislation, the passage of which is becoming increasingly difficult for Democrats as the midterm elections draw closer.

NAM worked in collaboration with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Arizona Manufacturers Council to create the advertisement. It starts off with a voiceover that discusses how manufacturers are driving the economy of the state despite “historic worker shortages and cost increases.”


Senator Kyrsten Sinema is at the centre of an effort by business groups to sink a revamped version of a congressional Democratic spending package.

These business groups are focusing their efforts on Senator Sinema. On August 1, 2022, Representative Kyrsten Sinema made her way to the United States Capitol to cast her vote (see image above).

The Democrats in the Senate hope to make progress on the multi-trillion-dollar bill that addresses climate change, taxes, and health care in the week before they take their August recess.

The voiceover then continues by saying, “Now, Congress is threatening to increase taxes on Arizona businesses.” “Taxes will not improve supply chains, advance energy security, or fill open positions,” said the speaker.

In the advertisement, viewers were urged to contact their state representatives and senators and tell them “to say ‘no’ to taxes that will devastate Arizona manufacturers.”

Even though her name was not specifically mentioned in the advertisement, it was most likely directed at Sinema. Sinema’s support for earlier versions of the legislation has been a point of contention.

The Democrats in the Senate intend to pass the bill along party lines using a method of budgeting known as reconciliation.

This method does not require sixty votes, which is the number that the chamber normally requires for the passage of legislation.

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If the Democrats want to keep their majority in the chamber, they can’t afford to lose even one vote by relying on the reconciliation process.

Opponents of the bill are keeping their fingers crossed that Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who has been reluctant to support tax increases in the past, will finally vote against the legislation, which is a central component of President Joe Biden’s agenda and the agenda of congressional Democrats.

Last week, a key holdout, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, made the announcement that he had reached an agreement with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York on a reworked version of the bill. Manchin had been a key holdout.

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