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Joining a Federal Task Team to Stop Illegal Robocalls is Michigan Attorney General Nessel

The Attorney General of the State of Michigan, Dana Nessel, will be participating in a federal task group to assist in the reduction of the number of illegal robocalls.

Attorney General Dana Nessel has made the announcement that the state of Michigan would join the Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force.

This task force has been tasked with investigating and initiating legal action against the telecommunications companies that are responsible for sending the majority of foreign robocalls into the country.

This task force is made up of 50 attorneys general and has been given the task of investigating and initiating legal action against these companies. Nessel has announced that the state of Michigan would become a member of the Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force.

As of the time that this report is being written, the task force has already sent twenty civil investigative demands to gateway providers and other organisations who, according to its statements, are responsible for the great bulk of international robocall traffic.


However, according to Nessel, gateway providers are not doing enough to prevent robocall traffic from entering the network. Gateway providers are responsible for ensuring that any foreign traffic that enters the American telephone network is legitimate. [Further citation is required]

According to Nessel, it often appeared as though they were wilfully turning a blind eye to preserve a consistent income.

“The issue of receiving unwanted robocalls is not exclusive to the state of Michigan. They are an issue that impacts a large number of people. As a result of this, it is a privilege for me to join the ranks of my other attorney general.

Whoever aids these con artists and robocallers will have to contend with the total might of our adversary in this war.

The Task Force will move on with its plans if the telecoms industry is unable to successfully implement industry laws “According to what Nessel said.

More than 33 million fraudulent robocalls are made to American consumers every single day, as reported by the National Consumer Law Center and the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Frauds that target customers in general, including some of our most vulnerable citizens, are included in the scams that are mentioned in these calls. Other cons that have been perpetrated are also discussed in these calls.

These cons include frauds carried out by the Social Security Administration against senior citizens, cons carried out by Amazon, and a large number of other cons.

In the year 2021, it is anticipated that fraudulent phone calls were responsible for the loss of USD 29.8 billion. These phoney businesses are responsible for the great majority of these robocalls.

The major purpose of the task force is to put an end to the activities of businesses that profit from the illegal scam traffic; nevertheless, the task force will not take any additional actions to reduce the number of calls that are received.

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Avoid at all costs any callers who insist on being paid with a gift card, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency. For example, the Internal Revenue Service does not accept gift cards for iTunes purchases. [citation needed]

Be wary of previously recorded phone calls, particularly those that claim to originate from a government agency. This is especially important to keep in mind.

In the vast majority of cases, individuals are not contacted by the Social Security Administration (SSA) over the phone as a matter of routine.

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