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Nicki Minaj Considered Hiring the Woman Whose Picture Was Featured on a Fake Account of an Assistant

On the fake account, which used the journalist’s photo as its profile picture, the “spill tea” about the life of the rapper and the alleged wrongdoings were posted. The breach was brought about by an account that had been fabricated to give the appearance of being real.

During the weekend, several allegations concerning the rapper were published on a sham account that pretended to belong to one of Minaj’s former assistants.

These allegations have since been removed from the sham account. These allegations included her son’s name, which she has kept a secret; other outrageous claims that she owes the IRS $173 million since 2016; and grave allegations of abuse and sexual harassment by Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty towards Minaj and her staff members.

The name of her son has been kept a secret by Minaj. Another outrageous claim is that she owes the IRS $173 million since 2016.

She has not revealed the name of her son to anyone. Other ludicrous allegations state that she has owed the Internal Revenue Service $173 million since 2016.


On Monday evening, Nicki Minaj responded to the allegations by saying that the account in question was the work of a different fan base that “had a plan to take her down.”

Nicki Minaj’s statement was made in response to the fact that the allegations were made. The allegations that have been made have been completely debunked by this statement which you have provided.

Since then, the woman whose photograph was used has, at last, provided her perspective on what transpired in the situation.

She claims that she did not become aware that her photograph was being used until it was published in online news reports; this is the moment when she became aware that it was being used for the first time.

She claims that she did not become aware that it was being used until it was published in online news reports. She claims that up until this point, she was unaware that anyone was actually making use of it.

The female participant in the conversation who was present at the time of the discussion. Megan Feldman Bettencourt is a published author in addition to the work she does as a freelance journalist for various publications.

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She has had her writing published in a variety of magazines and newspapers, including Business Insider, Harper’s Bazaar, and Salon, amongst others. In addition to that, she is employed in the publishing industry as an editor.

On several fake accounts that continued to post malicious content about Nicki Minaj, an image of Nicki Minaj was posted along with the name of a music label executive whose name was Kate Miller. The account in question was named “Kate Miller.”

The woman thanked her followers for alerting her to the fake account and joked about how she was going to be featured in one of the most prominent newspapers in the country, attracting the attention of Nicki Minaj in the process. Nicki Minaj thanked the woman for alerting her to the fake account.

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