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118 Times in Just Two Years, a Migrant Took the British Citizenship Test, Indicating a “Failed” System

The British citizenship test has been taken a record 118 times by a migrant amid claims that the system is “failing.”

A crucial component of a person’s application for British citizenship or for settlement in the UK is the “Life in the UK” test, which costs £50 each time it is taken.

Although there is no cap on how often the test can be performed, the advice states that it should not be taken more than once every seven days, which opponents claim is not being followed.

The 45-minute test consists of 24 questions regarding British traditions and customs, such as “Which king was executed in 1649? ” and “Who built the Tower of London?” Passing requires candidates to correctly answer 75% of the questions.

More than three times have you taken the Life in the UK test? Holly Bancroft may be reached at

In response to a parliamentary inquiry last year, the government disclosed that the most times a person has taken the test is 118 times between 2015 and 2016.

That implies that they would have spent £5,900 on the evaluation, and it is unclear if they succeeded on their 118th try.


Kevin Foster, a member of parliament for the Conservative party, stated: “This is an exceptional occurrence and the vast majority of clients pass by their third attempt.” That works out to 98.5% of candidates, according to statistics.

While the test provider does not reveal specific answers the test takers got wrong, if they fail, they have instructed which sections of the handbook they need to study more thoroughly to succeed on subsequent exams.

No one should be able to take the test more than 52 times a year, according to the “seven-day rule” guidelines.

The government was questioned by Lord Rosser about how this was possible last month. In response, Baroness Williams said: “Life in the UK testing is provided and hosted by PSI Services Limited who operate a self-booking process and candidates can book tests in multiple slots; they are not constrained by the system as to how frequently a test can be taken.

‘You must wait seven days before taking the test again, but you can take the test as many times as you need to,’ the guidance on gov. The UK informs candidates.

We will change the phrasing to reflect the fact that this is a recommendation rather than a requirement.

The Independent published an opinion post by Durham University Law School professor Thom Brooks regarding the Home Office’s citizenship test.

We don’t know how many citizenship applications during the last 12 years of Conservative governments were permitted to violate the seven-day restriction; I hope inquiries concerning this are soon put up. He claimed the government had failed to address systemic abuse.

“But we do know that actually did happen. The failure to make sure their instructions were followed before and now is not eliminated by changing the website.

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“These deficiencies need to be fixed right away to prevent further erosion of public confidence. Citizenship matters. The moment has come for the government to be more responsible.

A representative for the Home Office stated: “The Life in the UK test is crucial for anyone applying to live permanently in the UK to ensure they have a comprehension of the democratic ideals underpinning British society as well as some of our culture and traditions.

“We will take into account the Committee’s concerns as part of that process,” the statement continued, “and we expect to set out our plans to review the handbook as part of larger nationality reforms in the next 12 months.”

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