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The Tiny Guys Are Going to Get It From a Bigger IRS, the Old Folks Show, and Other Remarks

Byron York of the Washington Examiner predicts that as a result of the Inflation Reduction Act, the number of employees working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will increase by 92%.

At that time, the agency will likely target “the big middle class,” which consists of “98.2% [of workers], making up about 75% of the nation’s income.”

In point of fact, it is likely that “78% to 90% of the money raised from under-reported income” will come from that particular group. In addition, “handing out all of that money to the IRS could very likely mean that additional cash comes to the very Democratic lawmakers who enacted the measure.” [citation needed]

It ought to increase the “about 70,000 IRS employees” that are represented by The National Treasury Employees Union, the political action committee of which “donated $609,000 in the 2019-2020 campaign cycle, with 97% of that going to Democrats.”

Neocon: The IRA’s Climate Moves Won’t Make a Difference

According to the argument presented by Noah Rothman of Commentary, oblivion “awaits the climate-change measure masquerading as anti-inflation legislation that is currently working its way through the Senate.”

Even though it’s been called the “largest piece of climate legislation… in U.S. policy,” it’s “certain to be all but forgotten by the time voters walk to the polls in November,” according to reports.

Why? The “minimal reform” that it adopts, which consists of subsidies and incentives, “would certainly fail to please those who talk about climate change in apocalyptic terms,” while “climate change rates as a voter priority just below the federal budget deficit” among regular Americans.

The Democratic Party is fond of demanding that society “take action” in response to a variety of societal ills. At this point, they can claim to have “made something.” It will not be satisfactory to anyone.

Libertarian: FDA Slams Hand-San Distillers


During the early stages of the pandemic, “distillers saw making sanitiser as a way to stay afloat while helping their communities.”

However, the persistent harassment from the FDA in subsequent years has taught many “that dealing with government regulation turns this into a mistake they would not repeat,” as Jacob Grier laments at Reason.

It recently notified “at least 11 distillers in nine states” that samples of emergency hand sanitiser taken in 2020 had “exceeded temporary limits of two impurities,” mainly acetaldehyde, “a chemical that occurs naturally in fruits and dairy products and beer, wine, and spirits,” and it demanded “extensive records” of distillers’ “production and distribution.”

If it is such a major problem, why did the FDA wait 18 months “to begin acting on the test results, long after the sanitiser was distributed,” and after the distillers had stopped doing that work?

They are currently stuck in the tormenting bureaucratic limbo of not knowing whether or not “they will face recalls that might damage their reputations or be obliged to pay fines.”

Keep An Eye on Washington for The Old Folks Show

Andrew Donaldson, a contributor to Spectator Planet, is heard screaming that “America, the greatest experiment in self-government in the history of the world, has become an absolute clown show.”

A “16-hour ordeal” that “would get a nursing home shut down and written up on charges” was the vote in the Senate on the Inflation Reduction Act, which was referred to as a “speeding spree” from “the gerontocracy.”

Chuck Grassley, who is 88 years old, has “admitted to taking 10-minute naps,” while “friends” of Dianne Feinstein, who is 89 years old, have been “whispering about how there she really was.”

A “manufactured drama, needlessly drawn-out grandstanding with an outcome that’s never truly in dispute,” as Bernie Sanders, 80, put it, “a suitable microcosm of the whole tragic thing,”

A Troublesome Silence: Criticism of Culture

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What do you make of that? Benjamin Baird, writing for The Federalist, asserts that the situation involving Ameer Haiderah Ghalib, the first Muslim to serve as mayor of Hamtramck, Michigan, which is located close to Detroit, is “indicative of a broader societal trend that privileges” Muslim “supremacists” and “lets them off the hook for bad behaviour.”

“Recently, Ghalib was exposed for mocking black political demonstrations,” “endorsing” anti-black sentiments, and “a post dubbing Jews’monkeys,'” Despite this, even during the “period of ‘cancel culture,'” journalists, black activists, and “Jewish rights organizations” all maintained their “silence,” and Ghalib avoided “consequences for his actions.”

statements that would bring down another elected figure, and yet “activist and media indifference” has been shown for his posts, which “provides a dismal picture on the future of social justice and racial equality.”

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