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Keke Palmer laughs at Tyra and Beyoncé’s viral interview

This week, Banks and Beyoncé were in the news due to an old interview that went viral for its strange content; now, Keke Palmer is getting involved in the drama.

The star of “Nope,” who is no stranger to a viral moment, joined in on the laughs after an unruly interview from an episode of “The Tyra Banks Show” in 2008 went viral and became a topic of discussion on several social media platforms.

The viral post that has racked up more than 1.4 million views on Twitter this week has a caption that reads, “This is why Beyoncé doesn’t give interviews anymore.”

The tweet includes a clip of Banks conducting a “different” kind of interview with the Renaissance singer during her Sasha Fierce era.

The interview can be found in the tweet.

After that, the host of America’s Next Top Model went on to quickly run through a series of puns based on Beyoncé’s name.

When was the last time you made a purchase from a physical store, Beyoncé? Banks began.

“If you could converse with anyone who has passed away, Seanc-é, who would it be?” She went on to say more.

And the puns just keep coming, which makes for viewing that is really cringeworthy, all while Beyoncé, who appears nervous but grins and nods along with it.

Photographs of the three prominent figures. There was a viral moment between Trya Banks and Beyonce, and Keke Palmer was involved.


“Gray-oncé, when you become older, do you plan to colour your hair?” “Are you planning to do that?”

“Clay-oncé, have you ever participated in the voting process for American Idol?

(this is a reference to Clay Aiken, a participant on “American Idol”) “Squasha Fierce, when was the last time you were a touch tipsy?”

“Slosha Fierce, what sport do you like to play?” “Washa Fierce, do you sing while you’re getting ready in the morning?”

Since the interview is once again trending on Twitter, Palmer has joined the conversation in order to take pleasure in the never-ending stream of jokes and puns that have been offered by users in the comments.

Palmer shared a quote from the video that has gone viral, which read, “They tearing it up in the comments.”

Some good remarks include: “TREEyoncé: What kind of trees are your favourites, and why? Snowboard or Skiing?

That Is the SkiYoncé Question! Have you ever had a sexual encounter with a female fan, Beyoncé?”

Someone made a remark in jest that the singer was: “One person made a joke about “So Tiredoncé,” while another joked about “BEE-yonce.

” What kinds of insects would you be stung by if you were attacked by a swarm of them?”

Someone else joked: “Oh my god, this has gone on for WAY TOO LONG!! Bey was completely TIRED!!”

In the year 2020, Banks addressed the segment and issued an apology to the singer via her Twitter account, which she has since deleted.

LThe bizarre interview has a history of going viral every few years.

“I was Cray-Cray. Apologies (but not apologies), “according to Pink News, she tweeted.

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The legendary singer’s seventh studio album, which comprises a total of sixteen tracks and was published on Friday, was preceded by the lead single, “Break My Soul,” which helped whet fans’ appetites for the new music.

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