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Afghan Suffering, IRS Disinformation, Sinema’s Wall Street Loophole

According to an article written by Catherine Rampell for the Washington Post and including images taken by Matthew Busch, the decision to provide the Internal Revenue Service with an additional $80 billion was far more than was required. Some of the organization’s systems and facilities are embarrassingly out of date.

I really hope that some of that money is used on repairing the IRS’s relationship with the people. While Democrats were trying to find something wrong with the otherwise well-liked Inflation Reduction Act, Republicans were trying to find something wrong with the Democrats’ “new army of 87,000 IRS agents.”

Why wasn’t the Internal Revenue Service ready with some statistics about the number of people waiting for refunds, who might finally get those refunds now?

When there is a 50/50 partisan divide in the Senate, we need to be very careful about attacking anyone who supports legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act. Despite this, Senator Kyrsten Sinema interfered to make the bill significantly worse.


As a result, Senate leaders were forced to remove a provision that would have closed a loophole that primarily benefited extremely wealthy Wall Street hedge fund managers and private equity investors.

In exchange for her services, she was able to amass nearly one million dollars in political contributions from Wall Street.

While Nathan Kohrman, a professor at the University of Southern California, investigates how Kyrsten Sinema has twisted queer politics for The Washington Post, Brian Slodysko of the Associated Press reports on the campaign finance.

I do not entirely agree with Kohrman’s recounting of the cultural history of gay activism; however, he is spot on when he writes that her embrace of flashy, queer style does not cut it:

“Sinema embodies these ideals in an empty and diminished way, showing how modern queer politics has become more preoccupied with showy defiance than with the material improvement of vulnerable people’s lives.”

Amy Gardner of The Washington Post provides a summary of the accomplishments of Republican election deniers in obtaining their party’s nomination for important roles that will be in charge of administering the 2024 election.

People who claim that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump without a single piece of evidence to support their claim are in striking distance of winning the general election in November.

This includes people who are running for the secretary of state position in Michigan, the governorship of Pennsylvania, and both the secretary of state and governorship of Arizona.

In a separate but related incident, antisemitic threats were directed toward the judge who signed the search order for Mar-a-Lago, Bruce Reinhart, at the Forward.

Even his synagogue has come under attack, and his personal information has been widely disseminated online. You can almost see yourself in the 1930s when you feel that chill running down your spine.

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Two pieces, one by Ella Creamer and the other by Colin Clarke, have been published on Politico on the increasingly cruel regime in Afghanistan, which is actively working to restrict fundamental human rights, particularly for women and girls.

Even if you believe that President Joe Biden did the right thing by withdrawing U.S. forces from that country, you still have a moral obligation to think about the negative consequences of that decision. This is especially true given the fact that other people are the ones who are having to bear the costs of that decision.

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