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Lindsey Pearlman, an Actress Known for Her Role on “Empire,” Committed Suicide and Died.

An autopsy has been performed, and the results have shown what ultimately led to Lindsey Pearlman’s passing.

According to a report that People was able to receive on Monday, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner declared the death of the “Empire” actress to be a suicide caused by toxicity caused by sodium nitrite. This information was included in the report.

The investigation revealed that she had “the presence of non-toxic quantities of lorazepam, metoclopramide, and codeine” in her system. This was included in the report.
According to the findings of her autopsy, “Empire” actress Lindsey Pearlman took her own life before dying.


Pearlman, who was last seen alive on February 16 and whose last known role was playing Patti Sharp in an episode of the musical drama on Fox, was discovered dead on February 18 inside a vehicle that was parked close to the entrance to Runyon Canyon Park in Los Angeles.

The preliminary findings of the autopsy were inconclusive, and a spokesman for the coroner told The Post that the cause of death would not be determined until additional testing was performed.

Pearlman’s husband, Vance Smith, told reporters that he was “broken” after the body of his wife was discovered by the police.

Smith stated in an Instagram post that has since been removed that “she’s gone.” “I’m broken.”

Pearlman’s cousin Savannah Pearlman also expressed her sorrow, saying that she was “very sorry,” while confirming the news of the Chicago native’s passing on Twitter. She said that Lindsey was found “too late” to be saved.

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In the meantime, a representative for the actress and animal rights activist, who also had a recurring part on ABC’s “General Hospital,” stated that the actress’s family did not wish for her passing to be discussed in the public sphere.

The statement stated, “We are very grieved by the demise of Lindsey Pearlman today.” “We will miss Lindsey.” During this trying time, the family has asked for privacy so that they can grieve and work through their emotions.

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