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Connecticut Provides a Stimulus: The Second Sales Tax-Free Week Begins on Sunday

States are still providing financial assistance to citizens in the form of tax credits for children, rebates on taxes and other forms to at least partially counteract the effects of inflation.

Connecticut is the newest state to join this expanding group, and it has developed a novel strategy to reduce costs in the state.

A sales tax-free week is Connecticut’s latest economic stimulus measure. Sunday marks the beginning of Connecticut’s second Sales Tax-Free Week, marking the first time the state has held two sales-tax holidays in a single year.

What Is the New Connecticut Stimulus Check?

Gov. Ned Lamont declared earlier this week that the state’s second “Sales Tax-Free Week” in 2022 will begin the following week.

The second Sales Tax-Free Week, or the most recent stimulus payment from Connecticut, will take place from Sunday through Saturday, August 21 to 27. The first sales tax holiday in Connecticut was observed from April 10 through April 16.

According to Governor Lamont, the tax holiday was timed for this period to enable families to save money on back-to-school shopping.

Gov. Lamont added, “This is also a great chance to support the many fantastic small businesses we have in Connecticut by shopping at some of our state’s locally owned merchants.

Stimulus check

Currently, the state’s sales tax rate is 6.35% and it applies to most retail purchases, services that are taxable, and leases or rentals of most commodities. Residents will be able to purchase qualified (clothing and footwear) items that are priced under $100 tax-free during the Sales Tax-Free Week.

Furthermore, the exemption will be offered even if the customer purchases multiples of the same item on the same invoice. Residents will profit not only from the lack of sales tax but also from any discounts that merchants may be extending.

According to Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, “it encourages citizens to buy at their local businesses and merchants, allowing that money to be reinvested back into their communities while adding some dollars back into their pockets.”

List of Items Eligible For Sales Tax-Free Week

Antique clothing, swimming caps, belts, suspenders, buckles, children’s bibs, formal wear gowns, jeans, rented uniforms, slippers, swimsuits, work clothes, and many other items are exempt from sales tax during the Sales Tax-Free Week.

During the week that there is no sales tax, however, buyers will still be required to pay sales tax on the following items: sports fans, hair nets, wallets and handbags, ice skates, jewellery, lobster bibs, martial arts gear, protective aprons, and more. This is the case regardless of whether the item in issue has a price tag of one hundred dollars or less.

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Governor Lamont recently unveiled a $70 million programme for citizens whose job was harmed by the coronavirus outbreak in addition to this financial aid for Connecticut.

According to the website on, the initiative comprises 19 job training programmes that would give workers the necessary skills.

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