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According to the IRS, There Are Still Millions More Tax Returns That Need to Be Processed

It may be hard to believe, but many people are still awaiting their tax returns from the year 2021. This has been going on for a very considerable amount of time.

Following verification with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), we determined that more than nine million taxpayers who filed their returns via mail are still waiting for their returns to be processed.

These taxpayers filed their returns in the traditional paper format. These taxpayers used the time-honoured paper filing technique to complete their tax returns.

As of the 12th of August, the Internal Revenue Service informed us that they had 9.3 million individual tax returns that were received in the calendar year 2022 but had not yet been processed.

They were supplied with this knowledge before. Tax returns for the upcoming tax year 2021, returns for the tax year 2020 that were filed after the due date, and returns for tax years before 2020 are included below.


To break it down even further, IRS officials informed Western Mass News that over 1.7 million of the tax returns require error corrections or special handling, and 7.6 million of the forms are paper and are waiting to be examined and processed.

This is a further breakdown of the situation. This is simply a deeper explanation of the current circumstances.

We had the opportunity to talk with David Kalicka, an accountant working for Meyers Brothers Kalicka in Holyoke. Our conversation was full of useful information.

According to what he said to Western Mass News, he believes that the backlog in the processing of tax returns is due to a combination of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown and the obsolete equipment that the IRS uses.

Western Mass News was able to confirm this information with him. He proposed a few additional methods that individuals may be able to speed up the process of collecting their tax returns the next year, and he presented each of these suggestions to the audience individually.

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You should tell them, “Make sure that they file their taxes online and that they ask for their refunds to be paid promptly into their bank account.” “Make sure that they ask for their refunds to be deposited immediately into their bank account.”

After hearing what Kalicka had to say, I believe that this will prove to be the most expedient method for receiving returns.

After that, Kalicka went on to say that anyone interested in knowing the current status of their refund may do so by visiting the website Klicka went on to say that anyone interested in discovering the current status of their refund may do so.

She emphasised that anyone could use the website without any restrictions. She said that this was a decision that could be made by anyone interested in doing so, and she said that anyone could do so.

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