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All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date: Will Cheong-San Still Be Alive?

Fans of zombie and horror stories from all over the world are enjoying the newest Korean drama, All of Us Are Dead, which can be seen streaming on Netflix and has quickly become one of the streaming service’s most popular South Korean titles.

The first season of the show consisted of 12 episodes and was made available on Netflix on January 28, 2022. It shot straight to the top of the global charts almost immediately, with many viewers even drawing comparisons between the show and Hwang Dong-Squid hyuk’s Game. The series, which is produced by JTStudios and Film Monster and is based on a graphic novel from WEBTOON titled Now at Our School by Joo Dong-Geun, became the second Korean series to hit #1 on the global charts. The series is based on a graphic novel that was published by WEBTOON.

Although the series garnered mixed reviews, many fans on social media applauded the series for its entertaining value. It is no secret that production firms in South Korea continue to develop high-quality zombie titles like “All of Us Are Dead.”

Fans are now curious as to whether or not there are plans for Netflix to renew the show for a second season. If you are one of the millions of viewers who watched All of Us Are Dead and are now longing for more episodes, here is all you need to know.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Characters

The following is a list of the series’ most important protagonists and supporting characters in order:

  1. Park Ji-hu seen in the role of Nam On-jo


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  2. Yoon Chan-young seen in the role of Lee Cheong-san
  3. Cho Yi-hyun seen in the role of Choi Nam-ra
  4. Lomon seen in the role of Lee Su-hyeok
  5. Yoo In-soo seen in the role of Yoon Gwi-nam
  6. Lee Yoo-mi seen in the role of Lee Na-yeon
  7. Kim Byung-chul seen in the role of Lee Byeong-chan
  8. Lee Kyu-hyung seen in the role of Song Jae-ik
  9. Jeon Bae-soo seen in the role of Nam So-ju
  10. Im Jae-hyuk seen in the role of Yang Dae-su

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Plot

Online fan speculations suggest that Yoon Chan-Lee young’s Cheong-san may still be alive. One of the ideas is that when Cheong-san and Gwi-Nam fell to the ground, he was safe because a group of zombies was piled on top of him, shielding him from the blast of the bomb. Since his unrelenting foe was on top of him in their final encounter together, it’s likely that he also utilized Gwi-Nam as a shield.

all of us are dead season 2 release date

Yoon talked about how he got the part in the zombie thriller and what happened to his character after the conclusion in an interview with Soompi in February 2022. Fans immediately assumed that his character, Cheong-san, had somehow escaped the bombing, although even Yoon was unaware of the outcome.

“Recently, during another interview, I was questioned about whether Cheong-san had passed away or not. I’ll be honest; I have no idea. Nothing has been decided yet, and I haven’t been informed of what will occur next. Personally, I want to stay alive. Yoon remarked, “I’d like to be able to speak things that I didn’t get to say.

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Cheong-san might come back as a bad guy as well. The character has been revealed to have a nasty temper, which was made worse by all the losses he endured during the zombie apocalypse. In fits of wrath, the character has even engaged in combat with Dae-su and Su-hyeok.

A character who resents being left for dead and who can no longer live a normal life with On-jo results from Cheong-volatile san’s temperament and the halfbie’s fight to maintain their mental stability in order to suppress their incessant yearning for human flesh.

Cheong-san and his companions are probably going to collide if there is a conflict between halfbies and humans. Those who have read the original material predict that the virus will spread to Japan, therefore Season 2 may wind up shifting to that country. That seems improbable, though, given that All of Us Are Dead is a South Korean production.

When Will All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Be Released?

All of us Dead, the number one OTT series, was hugely successful. It was based on a high school where, as a result of some events, people began to turn into zombies and the other students were scrambling to defend themselves from the ferocious creatures. However, the story’s backdrop is considerably broader than just a few zombie shows.

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Because the authorities have yet to announce the release date, it appears that the audience will need to exercise some patience. According to indiashorts, “All of us are dead season 2” received a formal renewal on June 6, 2022.

all of us are dead season 2 release date

However, the network hasn’t provided any more information regarding the release dates. According to the release of the first season, we may anticipate it to be released around the beginning or middle of 2023. It’s just a guess; you have to wait for the announcements to find out the precise dates.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Trailer

The second season of All of Us Is Dead will not receive any teasers, trailers, or previews from Netflix until later.

for now, you can watch the previous season trailer:

Frequently Ask Question

When Season 2 Begins, Will Cheong-san Still Be Alive?

The fact that the actor participated in the event gave the impression that his character, Lee Cheong-san, might still be alive and continue the story in All of Us Are Dead Season 2.

Is Cheong-san Suffering From Vision Problems?

It culminated in a brutal brawl, during which Cheong-san bought some time for his buddies to get away. The hero suffered the loss of one eye, which was a reminder of the time when he extracted Gwi- nam’s. This provided the dictator with an advantage, and he proceeded to beat up Cheong-san for amusement.

Is the Second Season of All of Us Are Dead Going to Be Produced?

The second season of All of Us Is Dead was officially greenlit for production by Netflix on June 6th. You can check out the video announcement for Season 2 below, which features stars Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-Hyun, and Lomon.

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