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Information Weaponization Undermines US Democracy, Says Techtank Podcast 51. Comment?

The country is still reeling from the new information that was presented during the hearings that took place on January 6th. And even though outgoing President Donald Trump was unsuccessful in his attempt to disrupt a peaceful transfer of power, it is a risky assumption to believe that the end of Trumpism will automatically solve all of the nation’s problems.

In the previous two years, President Trump has been the leading contributor to the majority of the problems that the country is currently facing.

One of the primary factors that are contributing to the deterioration of political divisiveness as well as extremism, both of which are at all-time highs, is the current status of the economy. This is one of the key contributors to the current state of the economy, which is getting worse as a direct result of the situation.

Darrell M. West, who is also the vice president and director of Governance Studies, the senior fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation, and the co-host and founder of the TechTank podcast, argues that all of these issues put the democratic process in the United States at risk in his most recent book, which is titled “Power Politics: Trump and the Assault on American Democracy.”

West’s book was published under the title “Power Politics: Trump and the Assault on American Democracy.” The Center for Technology Innovation, the Governance Studies, and the TechTank podcast are all organisations in which West participates as a member in their respective capacities.

In addition to those roles, West is the director of Governance Studies and vice president of the company.


This episode of TechTank features a talk between him and guest host and research analyst Samantha Lai about his newest book. They explore how the use of information as a weapon poses a threat to our democratic institutions and to the nation as a whole, and they talk about what steps could be made to confront these modern concerns.

You may listen to the episode on Apple, Spotify, or Acast, and if you want to get future episodes of the TechTank podcast, you can subscribe to the podcast.

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TechTank is the name of a podcast that dives into some of the most pressing technological concerns of our time and age. It is made available online and is published once every two weeks by the Brookings Institution, which publishes the article on its website and makes it accessible online. You can find it right here.

On the show TechTank, complicated concepts like artificial intelligence and racial bias in computer systems, as well as Big Tech, the future of labour, and the digital divide, are dissected and explained in layman’s terms.

At the panel discussion, which will be moderated by Dr Nicol Turner Lee and Darrell West, significant leaders from the information technology company as well as individuals from legislative bodies will take part in the conversation.

These experts will investigate fresh data, concepts, and potential policy solutions to discover answers to the challenges that our increasingly digital society presents.

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