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Democratic Primaries Ended; The Next NYC House Seat May Be Open

The most contentious primary race for the Democratic nomination for the House in New York could soon become the state’s most contentious general election contest.

There are still mail ballots to be counted, but State Assembly Member Yuh-Line Niou, a progressive who hails from Lower Manhattan, is now trailing former federal prosecutor Daniel Goldman by almost 1,300 votes.

If the current results hold, she is contemplating a run for office under the banner of a third party in what would be a furious and expensive battle this autumn between national and city progressives and the moderate establishment of the Democratic Party. CNN has not provided a forecast for the primary election.

You and US Representative Mondaire Jones, who moved to the city to avoid being forced into a race against US Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, chair of the party’s House campaign arm, competed for the support of left-leaning groups and endorsers.

You and City Council Member Carlina Rivera split the support they received. You received the endorsement of the progressive Working Families Party in the primary election, and because the state utilises fusion voting, there is a possibility that she will be running on their ballot line in November.

You said in a statement, “I am currently discussing with WFP and my community how we can effectively reflect the needs of this area.”

“Because what we can do when we work together is too crucial for us to give up on this battle, we need to count every vote. I’m extremely appreciative of the overwhelming display of support and of each and every person who came out and participated. Our people have a right to be heard, and they deserve to have one.

Goldman, who spent millions of his own money to flood the airwaves and was quietly supported by an AIPAC-funded super PAC, United Democracy Project, which revealed its role in a statement after the primary, appears to have benefited from the progressives’ inability to unite behind Niou, Jones, or Rivera, who have ended up combining for nearly 60% of the vote at this point. Goldman’s campaign also received support from an AIPAC-funded super PAC, which revealed its role in a statement

When Niou was asked whether the UDP’s boasting about its spending would further motivate her to run again, she boasted about her grassroots funding and support before condemning outside groups that opposed her candidacy.


According to Niou, “the hundreds of thousands of dollars in shadowy funding that was used to attack my campaign also assaulted the people who live in my neighbourhood and our beliefs.”

“However, despite these attacks, I am extremely grateful for the support of my community, and I am proud of how we stood our ground in the face of these groundless and deadly attacks on our democracy.”

Anger over Goldman’s spending and a perceived disconnect with large parts of the liberal district, mixed with confidence that Niou would fare better in what would effectively be a one-on-one matchup, sparked almost immediate chatter that she might, along with the WFP, seek a cleaner-cut rematch. This was sparked by the fact that Niou would fare better in what would effectively be a one-on-one matchup.

Although candidates are permitted to compete on numerous lines thanks to the fusion voting system, the Working Families Party (WFP) will normally step aside for the Democratic nominee, who is frequently one of the WFP’s preferred candidates. Despite this, the line can also be used as a weapon to fight a Democratic contender in a city or state where the larger party holds a majority of the seats.

Jones, who had an initial claim to it, needs to formally decline the WFP line to manoeuvre the upcoming clash into place. This move, which could come as early as Thursday, is necessary to accomplish this.

However, even before Jones made his choice public, several of Niou’s most notable backers were already pressing her to run for office once more in a public forum.

Cynthia Nixon, an actor and contender for the Democratic primary for governor of California in 2018, stated in a tweet that “Dan Goldman spent $4 million of his own money to purchase a Congressional seat and got barely 25% of the vote.”

“Yuh-line Niou came close to making contact thanks to the spirit of the grassroots. Should @yuhline continue to serve as a WFP candidate and compete in the upcoming election in November? Donate RIGHT NOW if you agree (with this).”

On Twitter, George Albro, who is also the co-chair of the New York Progressive Action Network, chimed in with his opinion, stating that the next general election was the perfect opportunity for WFP to demonstrate its strength.

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“In 1998, I was a co-founder of the WFP to create an independent political party that would not be a spoiler but would push the Democrats further to the left.

However, there was always the possibility that the WFP could field an independent candidate in the right race, and that candidate could win against a corporate conservative Democrat,” he added. “THAT RACE IS ON THE CD10.”

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