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Taylor Swift Has Won How Many MTV VMAs?

The most recent time that Taylor Swift attended the MTV Video Music Awards in person was in 2019 when she began the evening with her first performances of “You Need to Calm Down” and “Lover,” both of which were taken from the very first album that she ever owned, which was titled, Lover.

And even though she has not attended the Video Music Awards in person ever since then, the show has continued to demonstrate its support for her.

For example, in 2020, Taylor, who is 32 years old, was given the award for Best Direction, marking her the first solo female artist in the show’s 38-year history to receive such an honour.

The music video for “The Man,” which marked Taylor’s debut as a director and is a pointed song that criticises sexism in the industry, was the one that helped Taylor obtain the honour and was also the one that she directed.

There are only a few days left until the 2022 Video Music Awards, and Taylor has been nominated in five categories.

These nominations are all for the short film that she directed for “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version),” which stars Sadie Sink from Stranger Things and Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf.

Taylor would have a total of 16 accolades to her name if she were to win each of the five prizes for which she was nominated. What are her 11 VMA awards to this point, exactly? Continue reading to discover out.

The beginning of the 2009 Video Music Awards felt more like a fantasy for Taylor than anything else. She arrived on the red carpet in a fanciful horse-drawn carriage and resembled a modern-day princess in a sexy but sweet one-sleeved gown that was embellished with silver sequins.

She was also accompanied by her adorable dog. However, the tragic circumstances surrounding how Taylor won her first Moon Person trophy will forever make it a prize that she will never forget.

Beyonce was up for Best Video by a Female Artist, but Taylor, who was just 19 years old at the time, won the award for “You Belong With Me.” As fans of pop culture will recall, that was the night Kanye West chose to walk up on stage and tell the world that Beyonce, not Taylor, deserved the honour.

When Kanye abruptly cut Taylor off in the middle of her winning speech, she had just finished a few phrases. “I can’t thank you enough! According to Vox, she started off by saying, “I had always fantasised about what it would be like to one day perhaps win one of these, but I never thought it would actually happen.”

“Country music is my speciality. Therefore, I would want to express my gratitude for allowing me the opportunity to compete for a Video Music Award. After then, Kanye, who had been drinking all night, made his way up on stage and took control of the microphone.

“Yo, Taylor, I want you to know that I’m incredibly pleased for you, but I have to tell you that Beyoncé has one of the greatest music videos of all time! He claimed that it was “one of the greatest videos ever made.”

It was obvious that Taylor was perplexed, and Billboard reports that both Beyonce and Taylor were seen crying backstage as a result of the extreme stress they were experiencing.

“Both she and her mother were crying, and I apologised excessively and said, ‘I’m sorry, we didn’t know.'” I’m aware that you have a performance coming up in the next act, so give me a moment while I think about how we might make things better for you.

We’re taking care of him right now, and I’m sorry that our interference marred your moment,'” In an interview in 2019, Van Toffler, who had previously served as head of the Music & Logo Group at Viacom Media Networks, reflected on the past. “I didn’t imagine that I would have to deal with a sobbing artist and her mother — literally immediately before she has to go out on Sixth Avenue and stand on a car and perform her song,” she said.

It’s true; Taylor was supposed to give a performance of the song, which featured a pre-recorded segment in which she performed in the subway in New York City, and a second segment that was taped live and featured her singing on top of a taxi on 6th Avenue.

Taylor was able to pull herself together and provide an energising performance, but that infamous night was just the beginning of the controversy she would run into with the Yeezy designer throughout her career.


In 2013, Taylor received another award for Best Video by a Female Artist for her hit song “I Knew You Were Trouble,” which was included on her original album Red.

This award was given to her. She thanked her supporters for helping her realise her dreams, as is her custom, but something she didn’t do before was call attention to the person who had inspired the song.

“I want to express my gratitude to the fans because I tweeted quite a bit about this. According to CMT, she started off by saying, “I really, really wanted this, and thank you so much for doing this for me.”

“I count myself really fortunate to have both the video director Anthony Mandler and my co-star, Reeve Carney, here with me tonight, and I am overjoyed that both of them can make it,” I said, “because they are both here.”

She continued by saying, “I also want to thank the person who inspired this song; whomever he is, you know precisely who you are; because now I’ve got one of them.” The arrogance!

The most prestigious award of the evening went to Taylor for her song “Bad Blood,” the music video for which she notoriously roped in some of her closest friends at the time, including Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Martha Hunt, to appear in it.

She began her speech of acceptance by giving a shout-out to Kendrick Lamar, who was featured in the song but was unable to be there in person to accept the prize. I’d like to express my gratitude to Kendrick Lamar. According to MTV, she started off by saying, “I wish he was here, but he’s off on tour in Europe being awesome.”

After that, she conveyed her appreciation to every one of her supporters. “From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for the fact that you voted and provided us with this shared experience that will stick with us for the rest of our lives.

She smiled as she said, “I’m just happy that in 2015, we live in a world where boys can play princesses and girls can play soldiers.” There has been a lot of discussion about this video and what it means, but she said, “I’m just happy that we live in a world where boys can play princesses and girls can play soldiers.”

Beyonce (“7/11”), Ellie Goulding (“Love Me Like You Do”), Nicki Minaj (“Anaconda”), and Sia (“Elastic Heart”) were some of the other artists competing with Taylor for the award for Best Female Video.

She continued to express her gratitude to her devoted audience when she accepted the award for her victory and took the stage. When she gave Joseph Kahn, the director of the video, the opportunity to speak a few words, it was possibly the most endearing moment.

“It’s hard to believe there’s someone as nice, as awesome as you, that’s as beautiful and as talented all in the same combination,” he sweetly said to the native of Pennsylvania, according to Bustle. “It’s a jaded world,” he said. “It’s hard to believe there’s someone as nice, as awesome as you.” “It doesn’t seem real. You inspire us.”

It should come as no surprise that “Bad Blood” was awarded this trophy given that the song itself is a collaboration between two artists and that the music video was a collaboration between Taylor and more than 15 of her closest friends. At the awards ceremony, the film was presented with a plethora of accolades and honours.

After the 2015 MTV Video Music Wins, Taylor came away with an astounding four awards. Even before the programme began, she was announced as the winner of the award for Best Pop Video for “Blank Space.”

At the beginning of the show, she put an end to any suspicions that Nicki Minaj was involved in a power struggle as she joined her for a joint performance of “The Night Is Still Young” and “Bad Blood” to launch the night. Way to go, Tay!

Taylor and Zayn Malik worked together on the song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” which was included on the soundtrack for the movie Fifty Shades Darker. Taylor bragged about working with her friend, who is also the father of Gigi Hadid’s child, in a behind-the-scenes clip about the making of the video that has since been deleted. “I have known Zayn for a very extended period.

According to Elle, she is quoted as saying, “I think his voice is one of those that is extremely unusual. I also think he is really special and great, and I think it’s really, really amazing to get to work together.”

“It’s amazing when you get to work with people who you hang out with because the question of “Will we get along?” is already answered.

It’s amazing when you get to work with people who you hang out with.” You’re like ‘Yeah, we’ll get along insane, we hang around, like, it’s cool.’ Additionally, he possesses an extraordinary amount of talent.

And I consider it a huge blessing that I was allowed to write and record this song with him… It has been incredible.”

When it was published in 2019, the song “You Need to Calm Down” quickly became an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community because it directly called out anti-gay extremists and advocated for GLAAD, an organisation that advocates for the acceptance of LGBTQ+ people.

Taylor’s lyrics, which include the phrases “shade never made someone less gay” and “Why are you mad? / When you might be GLAAD?” demonstrate that she is not here to play. In addition, the video featured several celebrities who are out and proud members of the LGBTQ community.

These celebrities include Adam Rippon, Billy Porter, Ellen DeGeneres, and Todrick Hall, as well as cast members from Queer Eye and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“You Need to Calm Down” also won the coveted Video of the Year award at the 2019 Video Music Awards, and Taylor made sure to support her LGBTQ+ friends and fans by calling out the White House, which was led by Donald Trump at the time, to create a more accepting environment. Taylor Swift accepted her Video of the Year award with many of her music video co-stars beside her.

“Several important things were discussed in this video. The fact that you voted for this video indicates that you desire a society in which we are all treated equally under the law, regardless of who we love and regardless of how we identify,” Taylor eloquently stated in her acceptance speech before adding a more pointed political remark.

Fans are aware that the video concluded with a call to action and encouraged viewers to sign her petition on, which urged senators to support the Equality Act.

The petition can be found here. Taylor continued by commenting on the amount of support garnered by the petition. “It now has half a million signatures, which is five times the amount that would be required to warrant a response from the White House,” she stated.

The next thing she did was a tap on an imaginary watch that she was wearing on her wrist to demonstrate that the government had to notice it sooner rather than later.

The recipient of a Grammy Award continued, “My cast live their lives in such a realistic manner.” “I want to thank you for setting such a good example. I adore you so much. I’d want to express my gratitude to MTV for drawing attention to both this issue and this video.

A third award was bestowed upon Taylor at the 2019 ceremony in recognition of her song “ME!,” which included Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Dance Club When she collaborated with Brendon, Taylor had nothing but great things to say about the experience, much as she did when she worked with Zayn Malik.

She gushed to Kent Andrew “Smallzy” Small on Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery, as reported by Daily Mail. “I had to step up the whole video; I have to step up every time I’m around him, he is just the best performer, and he is so much energy,” she said to Kent Andrew “Smallzy” Small.

Taylor Swift portrayed the role of a man in the music video for “The Man,” which she also directed and in which she also appeared.

As was just mentioned, history was made when Taylor won the award for Best Direction for 2020’s “The Man” music video. She is credited with making history.

She thanked her coworkers and her fans for the opportunities she has, and she accepted the award virtually. She is grateful for the opportunities she has.

According to Just Jared, she expressed her gratitude by saying, “I’m very glad for this.” “I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to the team who believed in me as a first-time director and who made this video with me,” the speaker says in the video. “It was a great experience.”

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She continued by saying that she wanted to thank her supporters and that “You are the only reason why the industry cares about anything that I do.” And everything that you guys have done with Folklore this summer, I’m just so blown away and taken aback by the compassion that you have shown to me.”

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