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Depending on the Budget, John Carpenter Suggests Making Further Halloween Films

The seasoned storyteller has always been very forthright about the significance of money and how, at this stage in his career, if a project isn’t making him the big bucks, there isn’t much point in doing it. He has said this numerous times throughout his career.

To be fair, the man is responsible for some of the very best movies that have ever been created, and as a result, he has absolutely earned the right to be quite fussy about how business should be conducted inside the film industry.

Carpenter isn’t entirely confident that Halloween Ends will be the last film in the Michael Myers franchise, even though most people believe that to be the case given the title of the film and the direction in which the story is going. During an interview with The New Yorker, he dropped hints that there might be more to come in the future, particularly if there is sufficient financial support.

Carpenter responded in his characteristically forthright manner when asked about the possibility of sequels and remakes, as well as the connection between these ideas and financial gain: “Yeah, certainly. If a film is successful enough at the box office, there is a good chance that it will be continued in a subsequent instalment.


He approached the concept of Halloween in a manner that was comparable and extremely straightforward. The Halloween franchise comes to an end, making this film the last instalment in the series: “I shall have to see how much money it makes!”

Carpenter reacted in the same low-key manner that has come to be associated with him by stating, “In response to that, I would want to say that…” “Okay, I get it.

When asked about the likelihood of sequels and remakes, as well as the connection between these concepts and financial benefit, Carpenter provided the following response: My guess is that there won’t be any sequels or remakes of this movie.

“Yes, without a doubt. If a movie is commercially successful enough, there is a good chance that the plot will be continued in a subsequent instalment of the same franchise or in a subsequent instalment of the same film series.

This likelihood increases the more popular the movie is. The more successful the movie is, the more likely this occurrence is to occur.

He approached the concept of Halloween in a manner that was parallel to, and to a significant extent important to, the essence of it.

To find out how much money they made, I’ll have to look at the receipts from the box office.” It will be the very last film to be released in the Halloween film series, and it will mark the formal conclusion of the Halloween franchise when it is finally made available to the public.”

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A succinct and succinct comment from John Carpenter regarding the future of his Halloween series is presented for your perusal and consumption. Simply put, if you want John Carpenter to make more Halloween movies after the upcoming chapter, you should pay a lot of money to see them, as this will increase the likelihood that he will.

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