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Kevin Federline Says He “Feels Horrible” for Britney Spears in a Tell-all Teaser

In a brand new preview for his upcoming interview with 60 Minutes Australia, which will air on Wednesday, August 31, Kevin Federline discussed his feelings regarding Britney Spears.

The full interview will air on Wednesday, August 31. Kevin, who is 44 years old, admitted in excerpts from his interview that there were times when he understood why his ex-wife felt the way she did. “I felt terrible for her,” I said. I really was,” he acknowledged. “I still feel awful for her.”

Although Kevin did not specify the reason he felt sorry for Britney, 40, he was likely referring to her lengthy conservatorship, from which the singer was finally released in November of 2021. Even though Kevin did not provide an explanation, he likely was.

Although the preview only revealed a limited amount of information about the former backup dancer’s relationship with Britney, it did include a few clips that showed Kevin struggling with a variety of problems. “I was forced to be concerned about them.

In another clip, he is heard saying, “I couldn’t get involved.” “Up until that point, it was unbelievable.”


Kevin has been heard discussing his ex-conservatorship wife in clips that were released before the current preview.

He has even claimed that he believes Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, “saved” the singer when he placed her in the conservatorship. He said, “I have the impression that he saved her at that time.”

In a different part of the show that was shown in the preview, Kevin talked about how his ex-wife has a difficult relationship with their two sons, Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, respectively.

At one point, he said something along the lines of, “It’s been a few months since they’ve actually even seen her.” When Kevin initially stated that the children have not communicated with their mother, Britney responded with a comment on her Instagram Story.

She said at the time, “It pains me to hear that my ex-husband has opted to discuss the relationship between me and my children,” and at the time, she expressed this sentiment in writing.

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After the first previews of Kevin’s interview were made available to the public, an insider with close ties to the “Piece of Me” singer shared with HollywoodLife exclusively that Britney was taken aback by Kevin’s decision to speak publicly about the conflict that arose between the singer and her children.

These individuals are said to have made the remark that “Kevin’s participation in this interview demonstrates that he has no respect for her.” The quotation makes reference to this statement.

Kevin does not respect her because he participated in the interview even though she asked him not to.

She adores them more than anything else in the entire world, and she has endeavoured to provide for them in every way that she can to be the kind of mother that they deserve.

They are the only thing in the entire world that can compare to her love for them. The common idiom “she loves [her sons] more than anything else in the world” is where the phrase “she loves [her sons] more than anything else in the world” originates from.

She is under the impression that other people were involved in the decision-making process about her, and she thinks that the situation is very unfair because of this fact.

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