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Nora Felder Won an Emmy for Securing “Running Up That Hill”

At the Creative Arts Emmys in 2022, the prestigious award for Outstanding Music Supervision was presented to the critically acclaimed Netflix series “Stranger Things.” The occasion was a ceremony that took place on April 20th, 2022.

In recognition of her outstanding work as a music supervisor on the television episodes Stranger Things, The Guardian, Tank Girl, and Seraphim Falls, Nora Felder was awarded an Emmy for the episode “Chapter Four: Dear Billy.” In this episode, the legendary musician Kate Bush performs a song titled “Running Up That Hill.”

The song saw a surge in popularity after the release of the fourth season of Stranger Things, which resulted in the song from the 1980s being a success once more after the surge in popularity.

It climbed to the top of the charts in a short amount of time and ultimately landed in the number one position on iTunes. The music video for the song had racked up a hundred million views on YouTube by the time July got around.


A spoiler is coming up next:

It is stated in the show that the malicious entity Vecna takes possession of people and kills them, and the only way to shield oneself from the effect of this entity is to ‘listen to music.’

The character of Max Mayfield, portrayed by Sadie Sink, listens to “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, which is her favorite song, when she is possessed by Vecna. Sadie Sink plays Max Mayfield.

The reason that Nora Felder chose to include this tune on the album was because, in her opinion, the lyrics of the song, specifically the line that is captioned “a pact with god,” perfectly resonated with the experience that Max Mayfield had gone through.

Max was sure that only a miracle could save her from the anguish that she was in, and the song is a fantastic reflection of both her feelings and her experience in this circumstance. Max was convinced that only a miracle could save her from the torment that she was in.

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During her speech of acceptance, Nora Felder gave special thanks to Kate Bush and Metallica, two artists whose music was featured in the fourth season of Stranger Things. Both artists’ songs were performed by the cast of the show.

Even though the programme had been nominated for the award a total of three times before this, it was finally able to win it for the very first time, bringing the trophy back to the location where it had initially been awarded.

Even though the programme had been nominated for the award a total of three times before this, it finally was able to win it.

This was a very big win for the show as a whole, and it was a very significant accomplishment for the cast and crew to be able to pull this off.

Several other television shows, such as I May Destroy You, Big Little Lies, and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, to name just a few, have previously been honoured with this award in the past.

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