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A Tale Of The Queen’s Men Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Plot

A Tale Of The Queen’s Men Season 2 is a female-centric drama written and performed by actor Christian Keyes.

The novel “Ladies Night” by Christian Keyes served as the inspiration for the TV show. On September 9, 2021, the BET+ network broadcast the premiere of the series.

There are a total of 10 episodes, each lasting an hour. One of Tyler Perry Studios’ first productions was this television series.

The heroine of the tale is Marilyn “Madame” DeVille, a female executive.

Madame DeVille is a formidable businesswoman who controls everything around her.

She owns and operates a male-strip club, which generates substantial revenue for the company.

She soon understands that having too much of anything may be dangerous, which in her case means having too much money.

We can observe how she manages her business, people, and money throughout the series.

Release Date of A Tale Of The Queen’s Men Season

The release date of the A Tale Of The Queen’s Men Season 2 is yet to confirm. 20 episodes will make up Season 2, of which 10 may be released in the first half of 2022 and the remaining episodes may be released later that year.



Marcille’s Madam (Marilyn Deville) is a shrewd, strong, and unyielding businesswoman who owns an upscale male strip club that she runs fairly but firmly. She is not afraid to take any necessary measures to ensure the survival of her enterprise.

Black portrays AMP “Addition Anthony,” a dancer with a mysterious past who, after being released from prison, has trouble finding employment. As a result, he works as a bouncer/doorman at Madam‘s club, Eden.

Maxwell will appear as Club Eden’s resident DJ, “DJ Dime.” She is aspirational and views Madam as a role model.

The chief of security for “Blue” Madam is Racquel Palmer. When things start to get a little tense, Blue is frequently seen by Madam’s side.

Michael ‘Bolo’ Bolwaire Plays “Doc” one of the male strippers at Club Eden. Doc gets along well with his fellow dancers and a little too well with one of Eden’s patrons.

Keith ‘Fatal Attraction’ Swift joins the cast as “Babyface”, is the oldest dancer of the group, though he doesn’t look it. He’s questioning the number of days he has left at the club and his many client entanglements cause him plenty of drama.

Dion Rome is “El Fuego,” one of the dancers at Madam’s Club Eden who is a bit flirtatious with Madam. He loves who he loves and is quite the techy.

Jeremy ‘Masterpiece’ Williams joins as “Midnight” a confident and tough male stripper who sparks a different vibe in Madam than the other strippers. She enjoys him though it’s hard to say how personal their relationship is.

Lastly, Keyes is “The Concierge”, a calmly intense hitman, and member of the Damascus family, hired to blackmail Madam.

All The Queen’s Men is executive produced by Michelle Sneed and Christian Keyes. Elon D. Johnson serves as co-executive producer for Tyler Perry Studios. Kim Fields directed the first four episodes of the series and also serves as consulting producer.

Marcille is represented by Pantheon and attorney Michael Sterling. Palmer is repped by Pantheon. Rome is repped by Pantheon and Gill Talent.



The expected casting for this season maybe taken as under-

Skyh Alvester Black. Addition Anthony.

Candace Maxwell. DJ Dime.

Racquel Palmer. Blue.

Michael Bolwaire. Doc.

Keith Swift. Babyface.

Dion Rome. El Fuego.

Jeremy Williams. Midnight.

Christian Keyes. The Concierge.

Synopsis of All The Queen’s Men Season 2

When Madam comes back, the boss is not going to pull any punches in front of her at all under any circumstances.


She is keeping her guys under control while they work through their own issues in order to guarantee that the show at Club Eden, which is absolutely necessary, goes off without a hitch. This cannot be avoided.

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It won’t be much longer now before the Queen makes it back to her castle.

All the Queen’s Men, a drama series about male exotic dancers that is produced by Tyler Perry Studios and airs on BET+, has been given the green light to produce a second season of the show.

A television show based on the novel Ladies Night by Christian Keyes is currently in the process of being developed.

Production on the show has already begun, and it is scheduled to make its debut in this year.

Throughout the entirety of “All the Queen’s Men,” Marilyn “Madam” DeVille acts as the major protagonist of the narrative (Eva Marcille).

Viewers had the opportunity to see Madam play the role of a daring businesswoman who owns everything in the highly profitable male exotic nightclub industry during the first season.

This role afforded viewers the chance to see Madam in action. The attitude that is uniquely Madam was on full display in this role.

She is backed up by a trustworthy workforce who are totally dedicated to ensuring her success as well as the success of the business that she is in charge of and which employs them.

As she moves closer and closer to achieving her goal, she does not waiver in her determination to increase the amount of land that is governed by her queendom.

She realises very quickly, however, that a greater amount of wealth and influence also brings with it an increased number of challenges. This is the conclusion that she comes to.

It is reasonable to anticipate that at the start of the second season, she will make an effort to negotiate this enticing yet dangerous setting.

Her ability to complete this task successfully will determine whether or not she can continue playing the game and progress to new levels.

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