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Undercover Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Updates

Undercover is a television series that is a crime drama that is produced in both Belgium and the Netherlands and is shown in the Netherlands in the Dutch language.

On February 24, 2019, the very first episode of the first season was shown on Belgian television for the very first time.

This event marked the beginning of broadcasting in Belgium.

On Wednesday, May 3, 2019, Netflix made the first episode of the show available to stream on their website.

The television programme ran for a total of three seasons, with seasons 1 and 2 each consisting of ten episodes and season 3 having eight episodes in total.

This series of events was based loosely on a sequence of occurrences in real life that served as inspiration for the plot of this tale.

At the campground where the drug kingpin spends his weekends, two undercover agents named Bob Lemmens and Kim de Rooij pose as a married couple to run the operation.

They are in charge of it. They are the ones that are in charge of carrying out the procedure.

They have been entrusted with the duty of seeing that the assignment is completed successfully.

The story revolves around covert operatives who make an effort to blend into the ranks of a criminal organisation run by a drug kingpin.

When it was entered into the Oostende Film Festival, the television series Undercover was considered for an award nomination in the category of Best Actress – Television Series.

This television series is not only emotionally engaging, but it is also quite suspenseful and full of surprising twists and turns throughout the entirety of each episode.

Throughout the entirety of each episode, there are unexpected twists and turns.

Undercover season 4: Release Date


It is anticipated that the premiere of Undercover Season 4 will take place at the end of the year 2022; According to the latest series.

However, the specific date for the debut of the new season has not yet been made available to the general public.

The fact that there has been no formal statement regarding the date means that there is a chance that it will be moved back a little bit.

The fact that the previous season of Undercover left viewers in a state of tension ensures that the upcoming season 4 of the show will continue to be the one that viewers on Netflix look forward to watching the most.

The only thing we can do for the time being is waiting with eager expectation for the upcoming season to be made available to us.

Undercover Season 4: Plot

The television series Undercover is currently airing its third season, and the premiere focuses on Bob, who has been fired from his job with the federal police.

After that, Patrick, a former coworker of his who now seeks his assistance in locating a drug squad informant, approaches him.

Ferry Bouman is allowed an early release from jail so that he can infiltrate the Bulut gang and locate the informant.

The reason for this is stated in the previous sentence.


The ferry makes contact with the Bullets and offers to supply them; however, Bob is required to act as his interim business partner for the deal to go through.

Leyla, who is married to Serkan Bulut, is a charming woman who has a great deal of life experience but also suffers from paranoia.

Leyla and Timur are in charge of the issue at the moment because Bulut is unable to move without the aid of a wheelchair.

Undercover Season 4: Cast

The cast for the upcoming season is as follows:

Leyla Bulut, played by Nazmiye Oral

Serkan Bulut, played by Murat Seven

Timur Celik, played by Gökhan Girginol

As Mehmet, Gökhan Kizilbuga

As Lars van Marken, Yannick van de Velde

Tanguy Dupont is played by Wouter Hendrickx.

Playing Patrick Diercks is Jeroen van der Ven.

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Undercover Season 4: FAQ

What to expect in the end?


In the penultimate episode of Undercover, Leyla is forced to face the agonising choice of walking away from both her husband and the new gangster Serkan to protect her children and herself.

She had come to terms with the magnitude of the obstacles she would need to surmount, which was another factor that contributed to her decision to flee.

As Leyla walks further and deeper into Bob’s net, we realise that we are beginning to feel some compassion for the difficult situation she is in.

Bob’s plan finally leads to Leyla and Serkan being arrested and put into custody as a consequence of their involvement.

The look on Leyla’s face makes it abundantly evident that she harbours a powerful desire for retribution, and as a direct result of this, there is a good likelihood that the fourth season will have a surprising turn of events.

Where can you watch Undercover?

Undercover episodes from the first three seasons are currently accessible to stream on Netflix, and we expect that episodes from the show’s fourth season will be made available to stream on the site very shortly.


Since the Season 4 rumours are still being discussed, there is no trailer available. All of the other seasons, however, can be viewed right now on Netflix.

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